You may have problems with these programs if you connect via VPN

note that Not all VPNs are the same. Some of them perform better in terms of speed and stability, others have more or fewer servers to connect to, etc. Choosing the right one to use is key to making sure everything works as best as possible and that there are no issues. .

Apps that may not work with a VPN

These problems can cause the program to work incorrectly if you connect through a VPN. May be blocked, directly, but it can also happen that it doesn’t work well and you have limitations. This will especially happen in some cases, as we are going to explain below.

Streaming Services

Streaming services are a prime example. if you use platforms like Netflix, you may experience problems connecting to the VPN. Why is this happening? You may be connected to a server hosted in another country. Because of this, you may have problems viewing content where you actually are. You can use trusted VPN apps like Surfshark or NordVPN.

Also, you could search for blocks in specific countries to see something specific. For example, you can easily watch a football match that is broadcast in Spain over the Internet, but as soon as this page or application detects that you are connecting with an IP address from another country, it will stop working.

Social media

We are not talking about blocking platforms, we are talking about the problems that can arise when using them. For example, you can use Twitter connected to a VPN from another country and you will get results related to that country. Basically, you’re logged in somewhere else, so trends, search results, etc. may change.

In addition, some social networks may have certain problems when connecting from another country, which happens when using a VPN server. There may be features that are not available, profiles that you may not be able to access, and other restrictions that you may encounter.


Another case is downloading applications. This time the problem might be speed and quality. You may see that downloads are interrupted or the speed is very limited. Ultimately, browsing through a VPN can degrade your internet connection.

It is imperative that you choose a good VPN that has many servers and thus choose which one to connect to in order for it to work as best as possible. The goal is for the speed to be fast enough to load the content without too much trouble. PureVPN is an option that performs well when it comes to speed. Also others like PrivateVPN.

banking applications

Banking programs may be blocked when connecting from another country. This is something I have been able to test with several banks. If you are connecting from someone else’s IP, the application does not allow you to login directly. This Security measuresbut in fact, it may affect you when making a transfer, checking the balance, etc.

Try using a VPN with servers located in Spain, and in this way you will avoid problems when opening banking programs. This can also happen with other services you have contracted with as they use a security mechanism in some cases.

Therefore, as you can see, you may have problems using certain applications when connected via VPN. It is important that you take this into account and take appropriate action so that it does not affect you, or at least minimize the impact as much as possible. Always check everything carefully. You can always export your VPN connection to Windows if you need to.

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