With the help of CCTV cameras, the police charged the killers of Paula Ortega’s patrol car.

Guarantee Control Judge sent to prison Nelson Ocampo Morales and Yeison Fernando Ramirez Fajardo, charged with the murder of patrol officer Paula Cristina Ortega Córdoba.

A 28-year-old female patrol officer was killed on August 2 in the afternoon while conducting her own surveillance in Neiva, Huila.

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Those taken prisoner will be part of the dissidents calling themselves the “Central General Staff” and commanding pseudonyms. Ivan’s bite.

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The murder of patrol officer Paula Cristina, who left an eight-year-old girl, was rejected even by President Gustavo Petro, who posted on his Twitter account:I condemn the dastardly murder of 28-year-old patrol policeman Paula Ortega in Neiva, who left behind an 8-year-old daughter. I share the pain of your entire family.“.

The world is calling us, we cannot lose any more lives in this absurd war.”

record catches

On the same day that the patrol boat was killed, a special police team detained Ocampo and Ramirez in the village of San Antonio, Neiva state, who were riding a black XTZ 150 motorcycle.

The police report states that “seizure of 2 pistols (including from an official), a silencera grenade, a bar of indugel and pamphlets alluding to a residual organized armed group of the “Iván Diaz Front” of the “Jorge Briceño Suárez Block” under the command of Yovani Hernández interfering in the Caqueta and Huila departments.”

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In fact, the Sidin Judicial Police team from Neiva did a painstaking job with CCTV cameras that revealed the movements of Ocampo and Ramirez prior to the crime, and this was crucial for the judge to decide whether to deprive them of their liberty. freedom.

What the cameras of the sector showed

On the timeline – through the security cameras – which was reconstructed by the intelligence police and Shijin. Watch as hitmen watch, stalk and kill Paula Cristina Ortega.

Table 1. The chamber is located at Calle 8 No 8-17, corner.

At 12:41 two men approach a trading establishment (bakery).

Table 2. They identify them as Nelson Ocampo, who shot at the patrol car, and Eison Fernando Ramirez, who was driving the motorcycle.

Table 3 They identify the motorcycle by the number plate SYP 95.

Table 4 Hitmen see a patrol car passing by on his motorcycle.

Table 5. At 12:53 they leave the bakery and follow the woman in uniform.

Table 6. At 14:09, the patrol boat leaves for CAI Ipanema. The men follow her.

Table 7. A hitman is recorded in a corner and shoots a patrol car five times, after which they run away.

The material was crucial to the prosecution of the two men.

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