Will the dream of living 180 years come true? The answer is in the genes

“Forever Young” is the name of the book known as “Doctor of Longevity”, the man who revolutionized social media with his fight for eternal youth. We’re highlighting Dr. Mark Hyman because I’m sure many of you have read the headline that read: “The Secret of a 63-Year-Old Physician Who Has Reached the Biological Age of 43.” Well, that doctor is Mark Hyman. Life expectancy has increased over the centuries, but every time we want to live longer and longer. Of course, with biological age, allowing you to continue to enjoy life.

Today in Discussion We ask ourselves: is it possible to change the aging process? Can we reverse the aging of our cells to live longer? We resolve doubts with Natalia Gennaro, gynecologist specializing in anti-aging and pelvic floor medicine at HLA Moncloa.

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