When will MIUI 15 be unveiled? New Xiaomi update is coming

Everyone is waiting, Release MIUI 15 after most Xiaomi mobile phones already have the MIUI 14 update. Exactly one day ago, the Chinese company made the first announcement of the new version and confirmed which mobile phone will release it, but many are wondering when the rollout will begin.

It was yesterday that Xiaomi unveiled the logo of the upcoming MIUI 15 update at an event in China, which suggests that its arrival is getting closer. From MovilZona we took care research to find out as accurately as possible the day this will happen, although it’s important to note that the company hasn’t confirmed anything.

December in the spotlight

To find out the release date of MIUI 15, we took the events of past years as a starting point. Manufacturers usually mark fixed dates for their presentations on the calendar, and they always happen around the same period. In any case, you must be careful and keep in mind that it may change due to various factors, so nothing should be taken for granted. Also do not forget that first of all the new version of MIUI will be launched in China and won’t land in Spain for several months further.

When MIUI 14the Chinese tech giant has officially announced the deployment of China ROM in early decemberon day 1, exactly, simultaneously with the announcement of Xiaomi 13. However, it began to reach models with Global ROM only at the end of January, with a difference of almost two months.

Xiaomi MIUI 15MIUI 13 He went through a similar process for his announcement as it also happened in the month of December, but this time it was done near the end of 2021, coinciding with the presentation. December 28th. The meeting, which also announced the new high-end Xiaomi 12; while the update did not arrive in Spain until January 2022. With these signs, we can already more or less guess when we will see MIUI 15 for the first time, but we are going to be back for another year.

Things were completely different with MIUI 12 as the announcement was made on April 27th and it took several months for it to become available in Spain. However, this happened in 2020 and it looks like Xiaomi has changed its strategy at the software level. So everything points to the fact that official presentation of MIUI 15 already marked on the calendar December and we imagine that this will happen in the middle of the month.

First details about MIUI 15

At yesterday’s event, August 3rd, Xiaomi not only revealed the new MIUI 15 logo, but also confirmed what the first smartphone it will boast will be like: Redmi K60 Ultra. This is a device that is only limited to the Chinese market, but may come to Spain under a well-known model.

Xiaomi 13

For now, the brand hasn’t said what some of the new features of MIUI 15 will be, although leaks are already starting to appear online and they’re talking about a more accessible clipboard, a revamped camera app, an opportunity for improvement. device volume, as well as fixing MIUI 14 issues, among other things.

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