WhatsApp will have a new interface on the iPhone: this is how the application will change

The latest update to WhatsApp for iPhone brings changes to its interface.

WhatsApp will have a new interface on the iPhone: this is how the application will change
Interface changes coming to WhatsApp for iPhone

whatsapp This is undoubtedly the instant messaging app par excellence. Everyone uses it and it’s hard to run away from it. While it has always lagged behind the competition in terms of functionality, the truth is that in recent weeks Meta has been going to act together and in a recent app update aspects of its interface have changed.

Although after that whatsapp latest update Not all users see the interface changes, the truth is that many others see the changes they are planning in Meta for WhatsApp. Menu changes when trying to perform an action with a chatFor example.

Interface changes that have come and will come to WhatsApp

I’m lucky that I’m testing the beta version of WhatsApp which allows me to see the different news they’re working on, but I downloaded the official version to see if there are changes and the truth is they are coming. As we have told you, interface changes, which can be seen as new pop-up menus which appear, for example, when you want to do something with one of your chats, such as turning off notifications.

WhatsApp interface changes

WhatsApp interface changes

In addition to the interface change, there are other innovations in the WhatsApp app for iPhone, such as:

  1. Ability to transfer history from one device to another from Settings > Chats > Transfer chats.
  2. The sticker section has the best browsing experience.
  3. Ability to make video calls with iPhone horizontally.
  4. Disable calls from unknown numbers from Settings > Privacy > Calls.

If you still don’t have small changes to the WhatsApp interface, don’t worry, from the company they claim that these changes are being added graduallySo you just have to wait. WhatsApp, as we said, has brought some very interesting news in recent weeks, and we hope that it will continue to improve.

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