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Don’t worry if you get a new message from the app, even though users think it’s another type of scam, the chat will provide you with very important information. Read more here.

With the world’s most widely used instant communication service, we’re talking about whatsapp messengerThere are many types of scams spread by computer criminals to access information from your conversations, so receiving any strange message will make you suspect that this is a possible cyberattack.

The app, owned by Meta, has just rolled out its official chat.so you suddenly got a message informing you about the release of a new tool or offering you some security and privacy tips, even a guide on how to use existing features.

WhatsApp official chat has reached the stable version of the application, this is purely informative and you can disable it, archive it or delete it whenever you want.so it won’t get in the way. From Mag, I’ll teach you how to enable chat in a few minutes.

How to activate official whatsapp chat

  • Before the beginning, What to do with chat? we recommend muting or zipping it, but review it often.
  • Remember that you can only receive messages.
  • It works similarly to “channels” although the chat is in the language you’ve set up in your account.
  • To enable it, check that whatsapp do not have pending updates on Google Play or the App Store.
  • Open the app and you will see a notification “Welcome to the official whatsapp chat”, press “Continue” and you will have access to the conversation.
Preview of the official whatsapp chat. (Photo: GEK)
  • The first tip they give you is to activate “two-step verification” as well as a video where they give you the full steps.
  • Nothing appears? Don’t worry, this feature is rolling out gradually.

Here are the signs of recognizing malicious messages in WhatsApp

  • First, make sure there are no pending updates in whatsapp, sometimes the app is updated to fix security holes.
  • Don’t open suspicious links, whether those sent to you by your friends or strangers. They may automatically download a file containing viruses.
  • You will recognize a suspicious link because the URL is usually short and does not allow you to see the full address.
  • Don’t listen to the messages that come from unknown numbers and less if they are from abroad. Many times they try to offer you a job with the pay that everyone would like, and when you fall into the trap, they force you to download an application with a virus.
  • popular prize scam. This is a false message when they offer you a prize or a discount in a well-known store, before giving you a “gift” (which will never come) they also force you to download the application.
  • Do not include any type of code. Cybercriminals will kindly ask you to provide an authentication code that they say they “sent you by mistake”. If you provide it, they will be able to access your WhatsApp account from another mobile phone.

Did you like this new information about whatsapp? Learned a useful trick? This app is full of “secrets”, codes, shortcuts and new tools that you can keep trying and you will only need to enter the following link for more notes. whatsapp in Depor, and all. So what are you waiting for?

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