What is the ideal ratio of carbohydrates and fiber in a healthy diet?

A balanced diet can be important for health.

Have balanced nutrition helps us prevent future health problems. It is necessary to know what foods we consume in our daily diet and how they contribute to the amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed to maintain good body health.

The micronutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the body are carbohydrates, fats and proteins.. This combination provides what is needed for a healthy body and gives us enough energy to carry out daily activities.

In this post, we will talk about the importance of consumption carbohydrates and fiberwhat is its exact amount to benefit the body and in what foods it can be found.

carbohydrates are sugar moleculesexplains Medline Plus. They are one of the main nutrients found in foods and drinks. They are converted to glucose and are power supply necessary for the body.

fiber is a type of carbohydrate which provides great health benefits to the body, as it adds volume to the diet and provides a greater feeling of satiety when eating. Other properties it has is that it helps maintains blood sugar levels, helps lower cholesterol and supports good digestion.

squirrels are an important element for Cell structureforms and maintains the tissues that give shape to the body. Good fats are essential as they contribute to energy stores such as carbohydrates and aid in the absorption of micronutrients.

What is the ideal amount of micronutrients to consume?

Health requires a varied diet.  Shutterstock photo.

Health requires a varied diet. Shutterstock photo.

both children and an adult must follow a proper diet which corresponds basic and specific nutritional needs each of them, for this it is recommended to consult a nutritionist. Here we share what should be the ideal approximate portions of micronutrients for our daily diet:

  • Carbs: 50%/ 55%. Among the carbohydrates are fiberMedline Plus emphasizes that it should be consumed between 25 or 38 grams per day depending on gender.
  • Proteins: 10%/ 15%
  • Healthy fats: 30% / 35%

These are estimates of what an adult should consume, although each case must be evaluated to account for the exact percentage to provide essential nutrients. According to a study published by the National Institute on Aging, a varied and healthy diet prevents disease.

amount of energy value that you should have a balanced diet for an adult should be about 1700 to 2500 calories per day. It depends on the weight and muscle mass index that each person has.

food quality mattersas an elderly person needs a certain and sufficient calorie content of carbohydrates and micronutrients in his daily life.

What foods do you find carbohydrates in?

carbohydrates Consist of three groups basic: sugars, starches and fiber. They can be found in products such as fruits, dairy products, legumes, rice, starchy vegetables such as potatoes.

Healthy carbs.  Shutterstock photo.

Healthy carbs. Shutterstock photo.

There are also industrial products which contain large amounts of sugars and refined carbohydrates, which They are not the most beneficial for the body.. They can be found in cookies, candy, or soft drinks.

What foods do you find fiber in?

Fibers are made up of two groups:

Fiber intake is essential for muscle health.  Shutterstock photo.

Fiber intake is essential for muscle health. Shutterstock photo.
  • Soluble fiber, the one that manages to dissolve in water, forms a gelatinous substance in the stomach that slows down digestion. This fiber type is responsible for maintain stable blood sugar and cholesterol levels. It can be found in fruits such as, banana, apple, cereals such as oatmeal, and vegetables such as peas, cabbage, and avocados.
  • insoluble fiber, this guy stays whole in the stomach. Its advantage is that it saves gut health and insulin sensitivity. is in wholemeal flour, bran, nuts and seeds, it is also present in the peel of some fruits and vegetables.

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