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peppermint no introduction required. Surely you have seen it in your garden, in some home garden, in a street market on the corner, in some park and even in supermarkets: that plant that produces very green leaves, with a fresh and very characteristic aroma, similar to the smell of mint.

In fact, mint is often used in a variety of applications such as gastronomy to bring a fresh touch to food and a powerful flavor to some cocktails; in perfumery to create essences with a fresh and pure tone, in traditional medicine.

Although they are similar even in their scientific name, peppermint (also known as yerbabuena; its scientific name Spearmint L.) is not the same as mint, another very common and similar plant.

Its origin goes back to the regions of Asia or Europe.but, being a plant that manages to grow in a temperate climate and at a variable height, it very popular in Mexicoespecially as a home remedy for certain conditions.

Peppermint: its use in folk medicine.

According to folklore and traditional heritage, mint has properties that help cure certain diseases and ailments.

Digital Library of Traditional Mexican Medicinepublished by UNAM, indicates the main health benefits of mint.

You can consume mint leaf directly, although depending on the type of condition you wish to treat, you may also use peppermint oil, boil it to make teasoak it and even crush it to distribute it.

brewed in tea

One of the main benefits that peppermint brings to human health when cooked boiled for infusion (which is also the most common way to provide it) is to relieve stomach pain when some food is “heavy”.

It can also be used to improve digestion, aid intestinal gas and liver conditions as it acts on the gallbladder to activate bile production, according to Government of Tijuana.

In addition, it relieves dizziness and pain thanks to mentoone of its main components, which acts directly on the nerves.

US National Library of Medicine indicates that this plant also contains chemicals such as menthone, phellandrene, and limonene, which may help balance the body’s hormonesespecially testosterone, so it can help cure hirsutism.

Maceration with other ingredients

Combined with oils and other herbs such as coriander, mint can help cure indigestion, especially in infants. Digital Library of Traditional Mexican Medicine.

According to the knowledge of the ancestors, a branch of mint should be ground with coriander seeds, made into a paste of vegetable oil and alcohol, all this put into a soft and hot cake, and it is placed on the navel for it to act.

It also helps for the treatment of burns and as a remedy for muscle spasms When mixed with olive oil, it will reduce irritation and inflammation.

peppermint oil

Oil obtained directly from the mint leaf, thanks to the components that, as already mentioned, act on the nerves, can help relax.

Also acts as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic place it on the affected area and massage gently so that its properties penetrate the skin.

Other Health Benefits of Mint

US National Library of Medicine adds that other health benefits of mint include:

  • kill bacteria.
  • As an aid in osteoarthritis.
  • Control nausea and vomiting.

However, there is not yet sufficient scientific evidence to support such useaccording to the same site.

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