“We can’t find a cure that works”

The 55-year-old artist Celine Dion found herself in a difficult situation after being diagnosed with stiffness syndrome last December, a rare autoimmune neurological disease that causes involuntary muscle contractions and affects the vocal cords. Her sister Claudette, who a few days ago expressed hope that the interpreter would recover by singing on stage again, again spoke about her condition, news that shows that you are in a very difficult situation. In fact, another of her sisters, Linda, has moved in with her to help her at the moment.

Celine Dion’s gesture that worried her fans

Celine Dion suffers from a terminal illness

Celine Dion suffers from a terminal illness

“We haven’t found a single working drug, but it’s important to keep hope,” he said. “I think the first thing he needs is rest. He always gives his best in each of his performances, ”he added. He explained that the singer is very aware of the investigations and advances made in relation to her illness and that they believe there will be a rehab soon that will bear fruit. Their desire is for the Canadian to return to the stage where she has shone for decades.

“Acting is innate for her, she is very disciplined in all aspects of her life,” Claudette said. She also said that when Celine is unable to talk to her on the phone, it is her sister Linda who keeps her informed of her progress. “When I call Celine and she is busy, I talk to my sister Linda, who is with her and He tells me that he works very hard.”he told Le Journal de Montreal. In May 2022, the artist canceled her world concert tour, at which point fans reached out to her to give her all their support. In December, a complex diagnosis was known.

Celine Dion helps her sister Linda

Celine Dion helps her sister Linda

She herself spoke frankly about the state of her health. “We’re still studying this rare condition, and now we know it’s what’s causing all my spasms.” The author of My Heart notes that spasms affect every aspect of her life: “It affects my daily life, the pains make it difficult for me to walk. and inflammation prevents me from using my vocal cords to sing.

incurable disease

The condition, known as stiffness syndrome, is characterized by episodes of stiffness and muscle spasms throughout the body, from the torso to the arms and legs. It is a neurological, autoimmune and incurable disease.. This disease is associated with, and in many cases caused by, hypersensitivity to noise, touch, and in response to flinching, which causes spasmodic muscle movements. This is a health problem that affects women more than men and sometimes results in the patient being unable to move or walk.

As you can see, Celine enjoys the unconditional support of her family. The artist is the youngest of fourteen siblings: Linda, Denise, Clement, Claudette, Liette, Michel, Louise, Jacques, Daniel (died 2016), Ghislaine, Linda, Manon and the twins Paul and Pauline. She also has three children from her marriage to René Angélil, who died in 2016: René-Charles Angélil, 22, and twins Eddie and Nelson, 13.

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