Video confirming Ukrainian drone strike on Russian ship, denied by Putin’s Navy

Ukraine attacked a Russian ship

A Ukrainian intelligence source released a video taken from a naval drone that attacked and hit the landing craft. Olenegorsky Miner Russian fleet.

According to the source, the attack was organized by the security services. UBS Ukraine and the pier near the Russian port Novorossiysk on Friday.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that Ukrainian naval drones attacked a Russian naval base near the port. Novorossiysk on the Black Sea coast.a major center of Russian exports, and which were destroyed by Russian warships.

A Ukrainian source shared a grainy video that appears to have been taken from a maritime drone flying past a large ship before the video cuts abruptly and pixelates.

Ukraine has repeatedly used bomb-laden maritime drones in an attempt to retaliate against the Russian navy dominating the Black Sea and allowed Moscow to prevent Ukraine from exporting grain via its preferred export route.

Ukrainian attack on Russian ships in the Black Sea

A Russian warship was badly damaged in a nighttime attack after Russia claimed to have defended itself against the attack.

A civilian port that handles 2% of the world’s oil and also exports grain.temporarily suspended all vessel traffic before resuming normal operations, according to the Caspian Sea. Pipeline Consortiumwhich operates an oil terminal there.

This was reported by Ukrainian intelligence. Reuters: “As a result of the attack, the Olenegorsky Miner has received a serious breach and is currently unable to carry out its combat missions,” adding that “All Russian claims about the “repulsed attack” are false.”

The Russian Ministry of Defense said in a brief statement that a Ukrainian attack by two naval drones was repelled in the waters of the base, and the drones were destroyed. He did not mention any damage.

Russian warship damaged by Ukrainian drone attack

The ship was carrying a crew of about 100 Russian troops when it was attacked by a maritime drone with 450 kilograms of TNT, the source said, without giving details of the casualties.

In addition, a source familiar with port operations said that a large Russian naval vessel had to be towed ashore because it was unable to move under its own power after being damaged.

The source, who did not name the ship, said oil and grain were still being loaded at the port, which resumed normal operations hours after the attack.

“Tonight, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, with the help of two unmanned ships, attempted to attack the naval base Novorossiysk“, in the south of Russia, – the message of the Ministry of Defense in Telegram says.

“The unmanned boats were visually detected and destroyed by regular artillery fire from Russian ships” guarding the base, the agency added.

Novorossiysk It is also a major oil port and is the terminus of a 1,500 km oil pipeline from western Kazakhstan and regions of Russia north of the Caspian Sea.

Most of Kazakhstan’s oil destined for export transits through this infrastructure.

According to Russian media, the Caspian Pipeline Consortium, which operates the pipeline, said it was undamaged and that oil continued to flow to ships docked at the port.

The Russian fleet in the Black Sea has been attacked several times since the start of the military operation in Ukraine in February 2022, especially in recent weeks.

Ukraine, which launched a counteroffensive in early June to retake Russian-occupied territories with modest progress so far, says it intends to retake Crimea.

(According to Reuters)

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