ULL is excluded from the increase in the number of places in medicine approved by the Ministry of Health.

The shortage of specialists in the National Health System consultations prompted the Ministry of Health to approve specific spending to increase medical careers across the country. More 706 new throughout Spain except Tenerife: The University of La Laguna did not participate in this distribution of funds and will maintain a quota of 135 per degree taught at the Ofra campus.


As José Luis Pais, Associate Dean of the Department of Medicine at the Faculty of Health Sciences, explained, when the opportunity arose to attend this extension and after discussion by the faculty council, the university was informed by de la Laguna of accepting the offer to accommodate more students “provided that the appropriate funds were used to recruit staff. “.

And this is what, according to the head of training in medicine, The lack of faculty is one of the actual problems of the degree, especially with regard to ULL’s own teaching staff. “We went from 92 civil servants in the early 2000s to 20 this school year, and three of them will retire next year.” “You can’t train students depending on external staff,” insists the head of the medical department.

That is why it was his first concern when the possibility of increasing the number of students was raised, but the refusal came. “The administration reports that it is not possible to link these funds to the personnel head.”, explains Pais, who nevertheless indicates that, despite this, the possibility of visiting this proposal from the Ministry of Health was discussed again.

“From social responsibility, we learned that we need to make an effort to win these student places,” says the associate dean, who says that the academic center understands that it is necessary to eliminate the shortage of doctors in the healthcare system. That’s how he switched to ULL, but “it was getting late and the call was closed,” he says.

So finally 135 places left for new students at Laguna University, although they could reach 150 students. In this sense, it should be noted that the importance of the quota for this career lies not only in the demand for specialists from the healthcare system, but also in the fact that this is the most sought-after degree among students who aspire to start studying at the University of La Laguna. . . .

complex reality

Given both data, the deputy dean admits that it would be appropriate to increase the quota, but the realities of the center make it less difficult. First, there is a need to improve the staffing, including doctors who are required to practice for students in public medical centers, which has also become more complicated over the years and changes in regulations.

Lack of clinical training for teachers jeopardized careers last school year

“We need more doctors to accept students, because in the last years, when they are doing an internship, there are a lot of students, and now only three people are allowed to consult with a doctor. They don’t give us the numbers,” comments the Deputy Chief Medical Officer, adding that it is not supported that these staff are affiliated and not part of the center, because “after all, the specialists themselves are not always ready to join in for all that work.” what they already have in their medical practice is more important to them,” adds Pais.

So much so that, according to the head of the section, in the last academic year they had serious problems with maintaining activities. “We were about to close because there were no professors associated with the university, especially in clinical training,” says Pais, before adding that the problem was solved by a contract staff of doctors, “which is not a long-term solution.”

Added to this is another eternal problem: the state of the infrastructure. Located on the Ofra campus, next to the University Hospital of the Canary Islands (HUC), the center remains virtually the same as it was built some 50 years ago. “Half a century later, we continue to build roofs from Uralite,” laments the deputy dean of the medical department of the superior center of La Laguna, who cites the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria as an example, in which “he has already opened two buildings in 20 years” .

Correct formation

“During this time there have been reforms and small works, but it’s about maintaining or complying with changes in the rules,” admits Pais, before concluding that “a new center is needed to properly train future ULL doctors. “It is not only an institution, the obligations of the Canary Islands government must be clear,” he concludes.

In anticipation of the construction project of the new center

The need for a new medical faculty is a long-standing ambition of the University of La Laguna. The state of the Ofra campus has been the subject of debate within Laguna’s governing bodies for many years, to the point that building a building on its current site became part of ULL’s ambitious infrastructure plan, which finally left the borage in the water due to the economic crisis. This situation came up again last academic year after the faculty reached an agreement with the Cabildo de Tenerife to postpone the start of classes in exchange for an infusion of two million euros. “I don’t know if the funds have already been contributed, because this is under the administration of the administration, but it’s true that with this money they will start talking seriously about the new building,” says the deputy head physician. Of course, it will still have to wait, because these two million will barely cover the “project of execution of works”, which will be the first stage of construction, on which it depends whether there will be money in the future. “I will invite the President of the Government of the Canary Islands to visit us so that he understands that we need his commitment, a society that requires doctors.” | EVENINGS

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