Uber will have its own assistant with artificial intelligence and these are its functions

The app is already using AI to match drivers and users. (hide)

uber contributes to the trend of integration artificial intelligence on your platform. The company is developing chat bot which will be integrated into your application, following the path of other technology companies that are doing the same to improve the user experience of their users.

Platform CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said in an interview with Bloomberg that they are actively working on the development of the chatbot. While he did not reveal specific details about the tool’s capabilities, he highlighted how the app is already using AI in its business, especially in the process of matching users to drivers or couriers.

“Every time you get picked up by a car or a messenger, there are algorithms that make it possible, from time of day to distance, all based on machine learning,” the executive said.

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The adoption of AI in the form of chatbots is nothing new in transportation and delivery applications. companies such as DoorDash and Instacart are already rolling out the technology to their female users.

In the case of the former, for example, they are working on their own chatbot system called DashAI, which will focus on streamlining the ordering process and making it easier for customers to find food options in their app.

The app is already using AI to match drivers and users. (hide)

While Instacart has already introduced the Ask Instacart feature that uses the OpenAI Application Programming Interface (API), the creators ChatGPTso that customers can ask questions about food preparation.

AI in the app could be a response to the recent 6% drop in the share price of a company that is betting on diversifying and strengthening its services with a technology that everyone is investing in.

The emergence of chatbots on these types of platforms can be very beneficial as they allow them to quickly respond to queries and provide up-to-date information 24 hours a day, which increases customer satisfaction and retention.

To achieve this goal effectively, they also need to ensure that AI be accurate in order to maintain high standards of security and data protection for users who may share personal information such as addresses or phone numbers.

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The app is already using AI to match drivers and users. (hide)

The platform has a number of new options for your travel app. One of them is group tours. Unlike car pools where different passengers are picked up with similar but unknown itineraries, group rides allow the user to select a small group of contacts they want to ride with.

Both friends and family can be picked up from their seats en route to the same destination, and the fee for the service can be shared among all passengers based on the time they spent in the vehicle.

An option that has not yet been set a launch date in Latin America This is an opportunity to create personal accounts for teenagers aged 13 to 17, who will be able to independently book trips and order food from the application under the supervision of their parents.

Each ride will be automatically shared with parents’ accounts, will only be assigned to experienced drivers with high scores on the platform, and PIN verification is included for greater security. so that the young person can confirm that they are in the correct vehicle, as well as an audio recording function to document any incidents during the journey.

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