Tusi consumption increases the number of medical emergencies in Colombia

Tusi increased the number of emergency conditions in the country / archive

“Elementary preparation”, which is called Tusi. and that among its ingredients are the bases of ketamine, a sedative for horses, Mdma, which is a synthetic drug, and caffeine, which comes in powder form, has been used for more than a decade at various parties in Colombia and is consumed by people aged 18 to 34, according to information from the Échele Cabeza project.

However, in the analysis of substances carried out by the same company, it was proved that the so-called “cocktail of substances” which has been commercialized in our country, does not have the basis of tusi components, but in addition to the already mentioned mixed compounds such as benzodiazepine, oxycodone, morphine, and methamphetamine. This lethal combination will produce consequences that have yet to be determined for consumers.

Échele Cabeza issued a warning that the mixture of all these components in the body, added to drinking alcohol at a party, “it increases the likelihood of cardiorespiratory pressure or vulnerability states that cause anxiety”from the authorities and in medical centers across the country.

To Daniel Rojas, psychologist at the Échele Cabeza project: “The alarms are back on because there has been an increase in medical and psychiatric emergencies.where it is presented or people report that Tusi is involved at some point in the crisis.”

Similarly, Dr. Gabriel Oviedo, Chair of the Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health at Javeriana University and Head of the Department of Mental Health at San Ignacio Hospital, states that: “Although we don’t have parameterized shapesNarcological departments in the country are increasingly filled, mainly by young people.”

The warning issued by the Échele Cabeza project also highlights the fact that the “cooked cocktail” in the country, contains substances in proportions that are determined by the person at the factory. This situation will prevent “action to reduce the damage, because a person cannot determine what the consequences will be, the consequences are also unpredictable,” the specialist said.

Monitoring of the so-called tusi in Colombia shows that there will also be no reports of studies on consumption of the substance., therefore, according to Echele Cabeza, it would not be possible to trace and identify the substance. That is why they emphasize that it is necessary to investigate and determine the consequences that this substance may have on health, and ask the relevant authorities to urgently analyze this drug.

According to Julián Quintero, director of the Corporación Acción Técnica Social and the Échele Cabeza project, he claims that in the country “two important opportunities were missed to start monitoring tusi consumption and thus develop preventive measures that allow you to know with certainty what preventive measures need to be taken.”

Experts Gabriel Oviedo and Julián Quintero agree that, ideally, the country a public health strategy is being developed this allows you to understand the whole context of drug use and then deal with it directly. This would be the only mitigation option for those who are certain to continue consuming, they said.

In accordance with the above, we can talk about different strategies. Among them are Education. Oviedo assures that “accurate information about the components of a substance and its effects is the first step for consumers to understand what they are dealing with.” This, moreover, will lead to the promotion of “safe and informed use” of this substance, which will force users to take moderate doses of Tusi to manage its effects. However, to what has been said is added the fact that this substance can’t be mixed with other psychoactive substances, alcohol, drugs or other drugs, as this combination can lead to unexpected and dangerous consequences.

Experts also point out that preventive program in public health which communicate the effects of an overdose so that consumers can recognize them and act in an emergency; Similarly, work needs to be done to strengthen the various programs psychoactive substance testing who ensure that the substance they are about to use is free of alterations or that they can have access to other opioids with more controlled effects.

Finally, Oviedo emphasizes that this is important: “Provide support and advisory services to help users resolve underlying issues that may be contributing to their use of Tusi.”

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