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From glory to torment in less than a month. The launch of Threads, referred to by many as “Instagram’s twitter”, has attracted more than 100 million users in less than a week. However, most of them did not linger: the new platform closed July with a drop in the active user base by 82%according to analytics firm Sensor Tower.

The peak of daily active users – which is not the same as registered ones – was 44 million, reached a few days after launch, detailed the Sensor Tower. Topics, however, he closed July with just eight million.

People are also less likely to open the app and spend much less time on it, according to a Sensor Tower report cited CNN. Threads users accessed the app an average of 14 times on the day it was released. The average time spent in it, taking into account the excitement of the novelty, was 19 minutes.

Now that August has arrived, the story has changed. Average daily time on Threads has dropped to 2.9 minutes, said Abe Yousef, senior analyst at Sensor Tower. CNN. The number of daily active users of the Meta network is falling at a rate of 1% per day.

Zuckerberg says it’s okay for users to fall in Threads

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, told his employees about the declining user engagement in Threads. In accordance with ReutersZuckerberg admitted at a meeting last week that the app has lost more than half of its users since launch.

“Obviously if you have over 100 million people, ideally it would be great if all of them or at least half of them stayed. We haven’t reached that yet,” said the creator of Facebook. According to him, this recorded fall was “normal”.

The company is working on “retaining hooks”. For example: “Make sure people who are on the Instagram app can see important topics,” said Chris Cox, product manager. Reuters.

The Meta team also works in the desktop version of Threads and in the search function. “Stream developers will need to add new and unique features if they want to make browsing the app a daily habit for users,” Similarweb, another web analytics company, also reported a decline in active users and active users. users, the report says, use time.

Similarweb Daily Active User Comparison Report.

Similarweb reported that Threads briefly outperformed Reddit in July in terms of daily active users of its Android apps. However, in the last week of the month, it was already in last place out of the four social networks they followed. “So far, Twitter (X) seems to be having a hard time, but it’s too early for Threads to challenge them,” the data company noted.

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