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Mobile phones themselves have become the only camera that we usually use on vacation, except for those who remain faithful to DSLRs. Overall, the built-in camera apps (those that come standard with the phone itself) offer more than enough performance for most users. However, those who want to get the most out of the lens or adjust the moment of shooting can opt for a third-party app.

Third-party camera apps offer a much greater degree of control than native camera apps allow. Thus, manufacturers aim to simplify the process of taking photos with automatic or limited controls; Thus, the result is very good in most cases. But what if you want to widen the exposure of the moment in a night shot, or play with the light in a sunset portrait?

It is in these cases that manual settings (from exposure and focus to ISO sensitivity and white balance) come into play that allow you to control these external applications. The same can be said for long-exposure photography modes, for capturing low-light scenes, or the ability to take photos in RAW format, which makes them easier to post-process later.

Available on the official app stores for Android and iPhone, these apps include photo editing tools with which users can edit images immediately after being captured without resorting to special photo editing software.

1. ProCamera (iPhone)

Success in mobile app stores is always a good indicator of product quality (although not the only one); and in this case, ProCamera has consistently been among the most downloaded applications for many years. This is a very sophisticated camera app for iPhone that gives users full control over camera settings including exposure, ISO, shutter speed and focus. In addition, it allows you to capture images in RAW format, giving users maximum flexibility when editing their photos.

Another standout feature of the ProCamera is its advanced HDR mode, which allows you to capture images with a high dynamic range, thereby improving the contrast and color gamut of images. It also has a low light mode that uses special technology to improve the quality of photos taken in low light conditions. Rodrigo Rivas, an expert in mobile photography, has been a regular user of this app since he had an iPhone 4 (released in 2010). “The reason is that the controls and options are better. It has become indispensable for me thanks to better manual controls and a more photographic interface: I can even see the photo’s histogram while shooting,” explains Rivas.

2. Procam X (Android)

ProCam X is also one of the most downloaded camera apps on its platform, and it does so by extending Android’s native camera features. Among the most outstanding features of ProCam X is RAW image capture. This format preserves all image information exactly as it was captured by the camera’s sensor, offering a level of detail that far exceeds that of conventional cameras, which save photos in compressed formats such as JPEG. Working with RAW photos gives photographers more flexibility in editing their images as they have a wider range to adjust exposure and color settings.

On the other hand, ProCam X lets you use the camera as if it were a DSLR with manual controls to adjust focus and exposure. Unlike conventional cameras that often rely on automatic settings, ProCam X puts the user in complete control. This is something that is highly valued for those who want to increase the creativity of their grips. ProCam X also has advanced modes such as Burst Mode, which makes it easy to capture a quick burst of images, and other shooting options that can be adapted to different lighting conditions and shooting scenarios.

3. ESCO (iPhone and Android)

Anyone who has taken their first steps into the world of mobile photography will undoubtedly know VSCO. This application has evolved into a powerful camera that makes the most of the potential of mobile phone lenses. Unlike the previous ones, it is multi-platform, which serves to improve the features that come standard on both Android phones and iPhones. VSCO not only allows you to capture images, but also provides a complete workspace for creating, editing and distributing images. Among the features most appreciated by users is a collection of predefined filters that allow you to personalize your photos in a unique way. Plus, it offers detailed manual control over settings like focus, exposure, shutter speed, and white balance, giving you a level of control that native camera apps can’t offer.

Apart from capturing photos, VSCO has proven to be a powerful image editing tool. This app was originally conceived as a social network for photographers, encouraging the sharing of work, exploring the work of others, and discovering new forms of visual expression. This social component encourages creativity among its users and maintains a loyal community of subscribers who continue to receive constant updates from the developers for a periodic fee.

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