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Olans Nogueras joins usfrom the football field.olance: thanks and good afternoon.really put your bodyto the limit and train under thesesometimes high fevertournaments and competitionstop level, soathletes shouldpass the dayworkouts thattense but it comes toColacon because when is itinter miami night getsblue cross at the beginningleague cup in fort lauderdale,experienced players likeLionel Messi or Sergio Busquetsthey will look uptemperatures at which theyused to, and that’s what manytimes here we don’t knowthe risks we facewhen exposed to heat andwhat if the ambient temperaturevery hot can wecause fainting orthermal shocks, under conditionsNormally, the body tends tohowever, adjust ifbody coolingthey may fail with moresimplicity. That’s whywe spoke with Silvio da Costa.Silvio: (speaking in another language)lots of water, lots of moisture,that’s what you need to do thereathletes have time to pass there,Very hot, we are training fornight, wear veryok, I’m out of the gamefrom 5 kg at normal weight.olance: that’s why we wantindicate that the mainheat stroke symptomsfainting and lossknowledge, and in some casescan cause damageirreversible neurologicalthat we want to remind you thatwhen we’re in itlook for colder placestree, uneven groundfresh and always bedrink water to avoid it

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