TikTok viral | Young man quit medicine to go to Australia and surprise with new job: ‘Focus on your happiness’ | Peru | Video | viral video

The video generated a lot of comments on social networks. Photo: composition LR/@Alejandrakba/TikTok | tik tak

Often people emigrate from their country of origin in search of better welfare. However, the young woman decided on this, despite a solid career and being in demand by many students. As he shared in a TikTok video, he went to Australia and it completely changed the category that was conspicuous on the networks.

He received a medical degree, but was forced to emigrate to Australia.

The protagonist of this new virus was a Peruvian with a college degree. Medicine who liked to look at the world. That’s why he traveled to different places, but he felt that he had found his way in the land of kangaroos.

Having settled on the oceanic continent, the girl began to look for work to cover the expenses that her stay required. Fortunately, he managed to find it, but he had to make a lot of effort to get to the warehouse in Melbourne.

In the institution, she starts her work at 5 in the morning and a friend who accompanies her all the time is a shopping cart, where she must arrange various items from the shelves at the request of customers.

Although she does not currently treat people with any diseases, tiktoker confirmed that he is happy to have a job with good working conditions. In addition, he mentioned that he focused on his happiness first.

“Focus on your happiness,” said the tiktoker.

“I’m going to focus on my happiness, what makes my heart beat and my soul shine, I’m going to stay with what makes me happy, I’m going to do and be who I decide,” he wrote in the video. which received thousands of applause on social media.

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