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It’s been a long time since most smartphones on the market said goodbye to the headphone port and even more so to built-in removable batteries, although the EU will (more or less) bring them back. Manufacturers tend to focus on increasingly powerful devices, but there is one that continues to push for more modest phones but, oddly enough, restores some of those old features. This is, of course, Nokia, which is now introducing their new (and very cheap) basic mobile phones.

Nokia 150. The new basic mobile phone from Nokia draws attention by making a bet that seems to be from an era almost forgotten, but adapting it to new times. It is available in three colors and uses a 2.4-inch screen and is also driven by the Series 30+ operating system.

Specifications of past years. The mobile phone has a removable battery with a capacity of 1450 mAh, which lasts for a month in standby mode. It also has a 3.5mm headphone jack and even supports FM radio, which isn’t all that common in regular smartphones.

He has a camera, but it’s almost like he doesn’t have one.. This model has another feature that distinguishes it from its younger brother: a rear camera with a 0.3 MP VGA sensor. So we are faced with a variant that seems more typical of over 20 year old mobile phones than modern mobile phones, but at least it gives us the ability to take pictures (probably very mediocre ones) if we need it. .

Nokia 130. The more modest of the two, to be sure, has the same screen and battery but lacks a rear camera. Like the Nokia 150, it is IP52 certified, which allows for some water and splash resistance (but not submersion). In both cases we find a 12-key keyboard, a small joystick and four navigation buttons.

snake yes, whatsapp no. The software offered by Nokia in this case is as limited as the specification, and the S30+ software platform does not have, for example, hugely popular applications such as WhatsApp. What Nokia has included is the legendary Snake game. Here, many would appreciate it if Nokia took advantage of a more versatile operating system such as KaiOS, which the manufacturer uses in other slightly more ambitious devices (and which has been supporting WhatsApp for a long time).

Mobile, so that it does not stick to the mobile. Nokia’s offer is limited for the simple reason that these are not phones for use, but devices designed as a second mobile phone. One that will also prevent us from being constantly aware of notifications or being glued to the screen and all sorts of applications and social networks.

The price is as modest as the mobile itselfFor example, the Nokia C150 is available on Amazon, where it can be found for as little as 35 euros, a ridiculous price compared to current smartphones. Obviously the benefits are also minimal, but it’s still nice that Nokia’s parent company HMD continues to bet on these mainstream alternatives.

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