This is the fold that works best in the world’s first market, and it’s not from Samsung.

OPPO has taken control of the foldable phone market in China, firmly standing up to all of its competitors (including Samsung).

This is the fold that works best in the world's first market, and it's not from Samsung.
External screen OPPO Find N2 Flip.

Last December, OPPO introduced its foldable phones, which hit compete head to head with Samsung. And if we haven’t had a chance to try the OPPO Find N2 yet, we have already been able to analyze the OPPO Find N2 Flip and confirm that OPPO is really doing its best in the foldable market. The Chinese firm is making very big bets to secure a piece of the market.

And judging by what we can read in GSMArena, in the still very young flip phone market in its country of origin, it is doing well, because they currently dominate their competitors. Yes, even ahead of Samsung, which until now has been the dominant brand in this sector.

Quality pays dividends

During the first quarter of this 2023 OPPO with a market share of 31% in the folding sector in China. The change is especially noticeable when compared to the previous year, as the manufacturer controlled only 12% of the market Same dates in 2022

And it is the OPPO Find N2 Flip that we talked about earlier. he is very much to blame for this rise. According to the newspaper, this terminal managed at its peril to capture 15% of the market share of foldable devices by device. The terminal has also performed very well worldwide, thanks to which the manufacturer has more than 13% of the global folding folding structure market.

China at the moment the most important market for folding. Competition is fierce in the Asian giant, with more manufacturers offering more solutions when it comes to foldable devices than we see in Europe (one from Xiaomi in particular comes to the fore). And then there’s Samsung. The fact that the Koreans do not have leadership in this market is at least significant.

And it won’t be because its latest offerings in terms of folding are bad, it’s far from it, just check what the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 has to offer to see it, but that’s what OPPO seems to be was able to do more and ask the user for less money use their developments. It seems like there’s finally some serious competition in the industry, and that’s always a good thing for everyone.

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