This is the degree that has supplanted medicine as the most sought after degree by companies in Spain.

The evolution of the health crisis has continued to almost entirely determine the demand for qualifications by companies in 2022.
But for the first time Care topped the list of most in-demand degrees in Spain in 2022 with 10.78% of the total offers for university students, after moving up one position in the rankings to the detriment of Medicine, According to him Infoempleo Adecco Report 2022: Job Demand and Supply in Spain.

The latter, who last year sued in Spain, is now in second place with 10.52% supply and has lost 2.8 points over the last year. Both fell, suggesting that nursing care at health centers has returned to normal at employment levels after the worst of the pandemic has passed.

Degrees rise to third place Education and Pedagogy (9.80% of offers). Over the past year, they showed the largest increase in the rankings at 7.85 percentage points, displacing Business managementwhich continues to fall, although its contribution to supply remains stable, with 5.26%.

Degrees with more job opportunities

Among the five degrees with the most job opportunities, there is also a dual degree in Business Administration and Lawfrom 4.92% (loses one position and almost 3 tenths).

There are professions where the employment rate is close to 100%.

Behind them are degrees Computer Science Engineering, with 3.76% of offers (keeps seat and earns 0.36 points), Psychology and psychopedagogy (which is experiencing the second most important increase of 0.74 points, moving up two positions and already representing 2.70% of offers), industrial engineering (2.50%, which is down three positions and one percentage point, the third deepest drop), Physiotherapy (2.31%, -0.11 points) and closes the top 10 Telecommunication engineering (1.63%, +0.43 points).

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