This is how cartoon characters would look like in real life according to artificial intelligence

Fans of the animated series showed the images through Midjourney.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used more and more. Apps like Midjourney, ChatGTP, Jasper or Bing Chat can be downloaded on both iOS and Android, making this new technology easy to use.

AI seeks to mimic human cognitive function. If you use it to your advantage, you can take advantage of its many features. Such is the case with fans of the animated series. He-Man and the Lords of the Universe They managed to give their favorite characters from the series a human appearance with the help of artificial intelligence.

He-Man characters according to AI

animated series He-Man and the Masters of the Universe It has become popular among the youngest since its inception in the 80s thanks to its characters such as He-Man, his nemesis Skeletor, the sorcerer Orko, the warrior Teela and her father the Military.

Produced filming, the production company’s most successful series began as an advertisement for Mattel’s toy line. It premiered in 1983 and ended in 1985 with two seasons of 65 episodes each. The creation of an American toy company was aimed at a male audience from three to ten years old, although it also captivated the female sector and teenagers.

Thanks to technological advances, fans of Defenders of Eternia have been able to give the main characters a human appearance with the Midjourney app. With descriptions such as hair color, physical texture, or facial features of a character, an algorithm interprets these characteristics and then turns the cartoon into a real person using images.

He's a man.  Image: Mid-trip.

He’s a man. Image: Middle of the road.
Tila.  Image: Middle of the road.

Tila. Image: Mid-trip.
Man in hands.  Image: Mid-trip.

Man in hands. Image: Middle of the road.
Orc.  Image: Middle of the road.

Orc. Image: Middle of the road.
Skeletor.  Image: Middle of the road.

Skeletor. Image: Middle of the road.

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