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Without a doubt, Xiaomi is one of the brands that releases the most updates in one month, so it is very difficult to understand if our phone can be upgraded or not. From Mundo Xiaomi we inform you about each of the new versions that are released, but even so, it is difficult for you to follow the news in this regard.

That is why in this post we are going to show you a very easy to use tool that This will allow us to see what is the latest software version available for our mobile phone.. In fact, we will also be able to download and install them on our computer, so this can be very useful if you want to stay up to date with MIUI updates.

How to download the latest MIUI available for your Xiaomi mobile

In this case, the first thing we are going to take into account when having the latest version of MIUI for our phone is that we will have to download the MIUI Downloader app for free from the Google Play Store. This is a completely safe software developed by the Xiaomiui team, so You shouldn’t be afraid to use it on your team.

The best thing is that inside we have a complete search engine in which we will find without exception the smartphones that Xiaomi has produced over the years and in its specific section. we can download various ROMs, beta versions and even the latest stable versions of MIUI available for our device.

Obviously, the decision on which ROM to install will depend on the extent of your knowledge of this type of software and even your personal needs, but we recommend: upgrade to stable ROMs in its global or European version so that your installation is completely secure.

However, we leave you below with how you can use this app which This allows us to access the various available ROMs in a very simple way:

  • After you open the MIUI Downloader app on your mobile phone, write the model you use in daily life in the search engine on the home screen.
  • Now select the type of ROM you want to download and right after that click on the region you are in to install the latest version available.

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