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Social media users denounce wave of hoax via text message on behalf of 4-72, courier service and parcels, through which they end up stealing money from people through scams and bogus charges.

The complaints received by EL TIEMPO show the sophistication of the deceit, which, unfortunately, has made it very successful.: for some reason, cybercriminals have 4-72 clients in the database waiting for the package.

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People say they get a text message saying their order is ready but they need to pay an unexpected tax; or that the delivery address seems to them allegedly wrong.


This happened to a young woman who asked for her name to be protected for security reasons. The scam victim said she bought an international product and later received an email from 4-72. In fellowship, he is told that he had to pay taxes.

The young woman followed the steps sent to her.

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In addition, the victims stated that, apparently, there are people within the company who share personal data with third parties.

“There must be some crowd inside 4-72 who transfer the data of the person who is going to receive the goodsor you have to pay taxes and two messages have already arrived,” he said.

“One on Monday said that the address was wrong and that it needed to be corrected, but at the entrance they asked to pay 2,000 pesos for making change,” he added.

What to do in these cases?

The authorities recommend that you report the incident in a timely manner. You can do this first through the virtual CAI of the Police, where you will meet Step by step to file a complaint.

Most emails or text messages sent by criminals offer money from foreign accounts or business opportunities. But the main goal is to steal information in order to impersonate a person.

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Precisely because of this The police recommend that you do not send documents or personal information via this type of email, so as not to affect your identity.

“Never download unknown email attachments or install an antivirus program on the devices you use,” the authorities add.

Similarly, you can go to the prosecutor’s office to disprove the facts, in which case you can even get guardianship.

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