These youtubers are dubbing Galaxy Z Flip5 and Motorola razr 40 ultra thousands of times live.

YouTubers decided to compare the resistance of the two most interesting foldable smartphones at the moment in the simplest and most effective way.

These youtubers are dubbing Galaxy Z Flip5 and Motorola razr 40 ultra thousands of times live.
Motorola razr 40 ultra vs Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5, which of the two will be more stable?

durability This is still one of the unresolved issues for smartphone manufacturers who have decided to bet on foldable phones. Although in recent years resistance screens, hinges and the rest of the elements needed to fold a mobile phone in half still fall short of the level of resistance offered by regular smartphones.

Taking advantage of the appearance on the market of the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5, YouTubers of the Mrkeybrd channel wanted to check resistance the latest foldable clamshell smartphone in the simplest and most efficient way: opening and closing the device thousands of times until it finally breaks. This isn’t the first time they’ve done something like this, but this time they wanted to take it one step further and include another smartphone for the stability test with what to compare the new Samsung terminal.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 vs Motorola razr 40 ultra, which one will be more stable?

At the time of this article’s publication direct already exceeds 12 hours durationmeanwhile, the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 and Motorola razr 40 ultra, another phone being tested, has already doubled in screen. over 36,500 times. At the moment, both terminals appear to be unaffected.

Whereas both Motorola and Samsung ensure that their foldable devices are capable of withstand hundreds of thousands of bends Without any screen damage on them, they will likely go live for more than 24 hours before any device starts to break down.

We recently talked about the durability of Samsung’s new foldable phones and how extreme temperatures dropped sharply how many times you can fold the inner screen of the device. I’m afraid we’ll have to wait for this unusual stability test to be completed to see if the numbers provided by Samsung are really reliable.

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