These are the security measures at the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago | Video | Univision Chicago WGBO

we are going to introducereport that we have preparedthis information applies tosecurity measures inlollapalooza festival.five hours leftaccess startedfirst day of the festivallollapalooza and surroundingsWe stood in line to get in.>> I decided to arrive earlybecause I knew that I was goingbe a big line>> i think it’s goodsafety. I see safetyworking.I remember how I determinedemergency exits.Jessie: inside the festival,component this yearthe extra one is called “safe life”six carps with medicineparamedics and specialistshealth.>> they pulled out a map and wesent by mail, and it is verysimple and understandable forunderstand. Do you have figurines?in which there is everything: where to enter,where to turn, where to look for help.Jessie: the festival wasgirls in t-shirtsyellow and put them to givedirections and responsequestions. It should be remembered thatno backpacks orbags with many pockets.will only be allowedplastic bags ortransparent. exceptions torules are walletssmall or small ronerswith one pocket.within four daysusers from all over the worldwill bring peace and 400,000fanaticswho are you going to see?>> Billie Eilish.Carol G is a very good singer andhe goes where there are a lot of peoplefrom many sides.ardent as he represents us.>> it just pops upSpanish music. it’s something forhere for the United States, this issomething too big forSpanish community.Jessie: Lollapalooza this yearin partnership with an agencywill inform the participantsabout the dangers

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