These are free online courses taught by Stanford University.

Stanford University, located in There is a wide range of free online courses in the United States, mostly in the technology field.

To access any of these courses, you must log into the institution’s website or use popular educational platforms such as EdX and Coursera. Most of them last several weeks and are available exclusively in English.

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Courses Available at Stanford University

  • Game theory
  • It consists of mathematical modeling of the strategic interaction between agents rational and irrational. This is not limited to the games we usually think of, but includes conflicts between nations, companies, political campaignsand commercial behavior in different markets of the world.

  • machine learning
  • Knowledge is transferred about Artificial intelligence specializing in Machine learning (Machine learning). In addition, the basic concepts AI as well as practical skills in the program 3 courses for beginners.

  • Fundamentals of programming in R
  • It covers the core concepts of R (free programming language). It is used in the environment software is used for graphic arts and statistics. This language is used by data analysts and scientists World.

    In addition, it opens an introduction to R, from installing it to main functions. You will also learn how to work with variable data and external, write functions and listen to co-authors of the language.

  • Introduction to the Internet of Things
  • It provides a description technical areas relevant for industry professionals Internet of Things (Internet of Things). This course provides an overview of the Graduate Certificate in this subject.

    Its Academic Director, Olav Solgaard, will be responsible for the introduction to the short course, through which he will then go through a total of 5 modules, namely: Cool Apps, Sensors, Embedded Systems, Networks & Circuits.

    Advanced Cybersecurity Program

    He explores Advanced Cybersecurity Program from Stanford University. Aware of the concept of two courses Information Securitywhich addresses the fundamental concepts of security information and practical application in strategy executive.

  • Databases: Advanced Topics in SQL
  • This is a comprehensive and practical course that covers topics such as indexes, transactions, limits, triggers, views and authorization. The whole context is regarding relational database systems and, of course, the SQL language.

  • Computer Science 101
  • In this course participants experiment with different fragments apart from the so-called computer codes in order to bring to life the power and limitations computers.

    In addition, it provides basic information about current computers. What is a computer, what is hardware, what is software, what is the Internet?These are just some of the questions that have answers. No computer experience is required.

  • designing your career
  • The course uses the approach design assist candidates with or without an academic background in developing constructive approach and money to create your own vocation.

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