The widow of Steve Jobs is squandering her inheritance. You have good reasons for this.

Lauren Powell Jobs was already a brilliant businesswoman with a promising future before she almost accidentally met the one who would be her life partner for the next 22 years. Unfortunately, one day he was late to a conference in 1989 and sat next to the keynote speaker: Steve Jobs. What has happened since then is part of the history of technology.

After Jobs’ death, Lauren inherited most of the fortune the founder of Apple, which he had to share only with Steve’s first daughter, Lisa Brennan-Jobs. Lisa, in addition to the name of the failed Apple project, was the result of Jobs’ relationship at 23 years old.

The largest part of the inheritance Lauren received was Jobs’ stake in Apple and Disney. In 2011, these shares were worth about $10,000 millionBut Jobs’ widow was very clear about what she was going to do with the money: “I’m not interested in relying on inheritance, and my kids know that. Steve didn’t care. If I live long enough, this legacy will end with me.”

Lauren Powell Jobs’ latest moves show Jobs’ widow will keep her word and spend all fortune which he inherited, as Steve would have liked: dedicating himself to charity until his death.

Goal: Donate $3,500 million over the next 10 years.

Like Mackenzie Scott, Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife, Lauren Powell Jobs didn’t want to tie her multi-million dollar charity project to The Giving Pledge, a charity club run by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. He chose to go free and spend all your fortune on charitable projects that improve people’s lives and reduce the impact of climate change.

BA in Political Science and MBA from Stanford, Millionaire’s widow is no stranger to money management and, in addition to starting his own health food company, he knew how to make effective investments that allowed him to support social and environmental projects without drastically reducing his wealth.

He Disney and Apple share prices Over the past decade, it has increased tenfold, but Lauren’s current fortune is estimated at about $14 billion. This gives an idea of ​​the amount of donations he has made in recent years.

After the death of Steve Jobs, Lauren created two charitable foundations in which he concentrates all his charitable efforts. The first is Emerson Collective, which is engaged in educational projects aimed at providing equal educational opportunities to groups at risk of exclusion.

The second pillar of his philanthropy is the Waverly Street Foundation, an international initiative dedicated to protecting the groups most vulnerable to climate change, supporting education, health and conservation projects so that people can survive in the communities where they were born. .

The Jobs Widow Project invest $3,500 million over the next 10 years in this latest project. “I inherited my fortune from a husband who didn’t mind accumulating it. I do this in honor of his work and have dedicated my life to doing my best to spread it effectively, helping people and communities in a sustainable way.”

This investment goal is far from the $10 billion Jeff Bezos intended to invest, Mark Zuckerberg’s $45 billion, Warren Buffett’s over $160 billion, or 90% of Bill Gates’ fortune.

Lauren’s philanthropic spirit and prudence do not stop the widow from enjoying her fortune by visiting Mallorca on the Venus, a family yacht designed in 2009 by Jobs himself. valued at $120 million.

The condition of Jobs does not bother the couple’s three children either, as they have all already established careers out of the media’s eye. Reed Paul dropped his father’s last name to pursue a degree in oncology from Stanford University. Erin Siena is an architect and designer. Eva Jobs has a Stanford degree in science, technology and society, although she currently makes a living as a mainstream runway model.

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