The University of Córdoba cuts the course notes in Medicine 2023-2024. Repeated as the highest clearance class at the University of Córdoba.

Another year, degree Medicine repeats as the degree with the highest entry threshold for the next academic year 2023-2024 at the University of Córdoba. And the fact is that in order to receive this degree at the Faculty of Medicine and Nursing, you need to have at least an assessment from 13 322.

The Andalusian Unified District published this Thursday the final notes for the 2023-2024 academic year following the university entrance examinations, and medicine continues to lead in this first position, where it has remained unchanged for more than a decade. .

In second place is the degree CareWith 12 729and in third place is the degree Vet with note 12 485.

Biochemistry This is the fourth grade with the highest threshold score for entering next year’s UCO. 12 344and this top 5 closes the degree BiotechnologyWith 12 317.

Registration and booking deadlines

Starting this Thursday, July 7th, until next Tuesday, the 11th, the registration period will be openbooking and confirmation on the waiting lists for the places offered at the various degrees of public universities in Andalusia for the next academic year.

Depending on the situation of each applicant, the computer system of the Andalusian Unified District indicates various recommended or mandatory steps to be taken in the admission procedure. For example, in the case of students enrolled in the first place, they must enroll in the respective university as they have reached the desired position.

Those who are admitted to the second or subsequent option will need to apply seat reservation in which they were admitted and confirm their desire to remain on the waiting lists of the most preferred applications in order to get the seat that best suits their original choice.

These people can also choose enroll in a degreebut in this case, the Andalusian united district will understand that they are relinquishing their original requests, so they are finally enrolled in the degree in question without continuing to participate in the procedure.

In the case of students who are on the waiting list for all their applications, they must confirm their desire to remain in them in order to receive, if possible, a place in the next award.

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