The shock of the robbery and shooting in the subway Santiago de Chile

Shooting in the subway Santiago 2

Various recordings clearly show the excitement of the public, which at that time, at 17:35 this Thursday, began to fill the Los Dominicos station on line 1 of the railway. Metro Santiagotowards San Pablo, at the other end of the same line.

Then there was a roar and screams. “Get out of the station!” – someone said, making way for the crowd, which in a couple of minutes was empty.

Outside the station, located in the commune of Las Condes, the carabinieri blocked the street, and near the Los Dominicos station, the municipal guard army was deployed.

A 26-year-old man with injuries remained lying on the ground near the cash register.

“At about half past five in the afternoon, in the mezzanine of the Los Dominicos metro, exit to Apokindo, an event occurred where an impact wound was recorded, primarily a ballistic one. In the second case, it can be determined that it comes from a weapon similar to a firearm, but the bullet is a shot,” said Carabinieri commander Gerardo Aravena.

According to the uniformed officer, what happened was that a few minutes before the shot, the victim’s mobile phone was stolen. The victim notices the theft of the phone and leaves after the perpetrator, who ends up on the station’s mezzanine, where the victim confronts him. The boy then took a pistol out of his bag and shot at a young man whose phone he had stolen from behind. Luckily, it was a bullet that, even in this case, caused a spectacular wound.

Shooting in the subway Santiago 1

After firing at the man, the shooter fled to the west, followed by municipal guards on a motorcycle.

He managed to drive several blocks before being hit by motorcyclists and police.

A 15-year-old boy was the perpetrator of the robbery and the shot that caused an alarm in the Santiago metro. In her bag was an air pistol, very similar to a real one, and two phones.

Of course, at times the situation was chaotic. The station had to close while the procedure was going on.

All this drew the ire of the mayor of the commune, Daniela Peñalosa, who said that “we should be concerned about this violence unleashed. This is a crime that is lived with firearms on the streets of our country today. And it has to stop… we need action.”

The presidential delegate in the metropolitan area, Constanta Martinez, said this morning that the metro is a place where the security of the region is especially important. He said that there is constant coordination between the protection of the subway and the police. And that, of course, this situation worries the authorities.

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The perpetrators erected barricades, threw miguelitos and burned a car to attack the most expensive toll in Chile.

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