The series fails and Apple cancels it

  • The iPhone 15 could be launched by September 2023 as Apple prepares new strategies to influence its consumers.

  • On TikTok, users revealed what the new iPhone 15 will be like, which will have great features that will impact their consumers.

  • According to Applesfera, the USB-C port can transfer data at 40Gbps, which will only be available on this smartphone.

Apple TV+ is Apple’s streaming service, launched in November 2019, offering a wide variety of original TV shows and movies. While it has received acclaim in some cases, it has also run into trouble competing with other streaming giants such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+.

According to the latest statistics, Apple TV+ managed to attract a significant number of subscribers in its early years.. By around 2021, it is expected to have over 40 million subscribers worldwide. While this number is significant, it lags behind its main competitors, which have a much larger user base.

Although the truth The iPhone has had very high prices since its inception, therefore, it is a luxury to bring such equipment, but at present there are many people who prefer to spend thousands of pesos on this smartphone, which releases a new version year after year at the events that Apple holds in the month of September.

One of the reasons why Apple has struggled with the lack of an extensive catalog compared to other platforms.. Although it has released several high-quality series and movies, the manzanita brand’s content library is more limited compared to other platforms, which can make it difficult to retain subscribers in the long run.

In terms of critical reception for its original products, Apple TV+ has received recognition and awards for some of its series such as The Morning Show and Ted Lasso, which were critically acclaimed and won major awards. However, not all of his productions were equally successful, with some series receiving mixed or negative reviews.

In the specific case of the series mentioned in the title, although no specific details are given, it may have faced difficulties similar to other productions. Factors such as audience and critical reception, as well as production costare aspects that may influence the decision to cancel the series.

TV series based on the novel Garth Risk Holberg didn’t raise high expectations for Apple TV users. Therefore, the platform canceled the content after the crash it had while in the Manzanita brand system.

Apple TV prices

7 días gratis, luego 99 al mes.

When purchasing new Apple products, the streaming platform is free for 3 months.

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