The secret of joy? 7 Ideas to Stimulate Your Well-Being Hormones

There is a group of hormones known ashormones welfare“. This: dopamine, serotonin, endorphins and oxytocin. They got this name because they usually evoke happy feelings, i.e. happiness, explains Harvard Medical School (HMS) in the US. To stimulate them, simple gestures such as meditation, exercise or laughter are enough.

Harvard explains on their website that hormones body chemical messengers. Released by glands into the bloodstream, they affect various organs and tissues, controlling everything from how the body works to how it feels.

Among the hormones of well-being dopamine helps to feel pleasure part of the brain’s reward system. As explained in the educational institution, it plays a role in learning and attention, mood, movement, heart rate, kidney and blood vessel function, pain processing and lactation.

From my side, serotonin it acts in different parts of the brain and influences different functions and behaviors. Among them are memory, fear, response to stressdigestion, sexuality and relaxation.

Meanwhile, endorphins which are considered natural body pain relieversas the body releases them in response to pain or stress.

Finally, oxytocin This is a hormone whose main function is to facilitate childbirth. When a baby is born, oxytocin helps move milk and strengthens the bond between mother and baby. In addition to this, people produce the so-called “love hormone” when they fall in love. In addition, oxytocin is thought to reduces stress levels and anxiety.

According to HMS, simple lifestyle changes are all it takes to boost your feel-good hormones. Among these modifications are diet, exercise, and meditation.

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