The SAT includes magic as paid services.

People offering witchcraft services can now bill in SAT (CUARTOSCURO).

Tax administration serviceSAT) expanded its catalog services and products, so that even people dedicated to witchcraft, voodoo and energy work they can bill

master services, healers, shamans and work with energy were included in the health section, in the group alternative and holistic medicine.

Each of these activities is assigned a billing key. According to the SAT, the invoicer is required to identify it depending on the nature of the product or service.

All taxpayers who know the key can find it at catalog of services and goods Online. You only need to fill in the Type, Division, Group, and Class categories.

Witchcraft is considered by the SAT as alternative medicine (SAT).

To make the process easier, SAT even allows you to search the directory by word if you don’t know how to complete the above fields.

For the SAT, the health category includes, but is not limited to, integrated healthcare, disease prevention and control, food and nutrition services, maintenance, repair, and repair of medical equipment. Alternative and holistic medicine is also on the list, in this last category not only the activities of healers, shamans and sorcerers are contemplated.

The same group includes herbal treatment within which phytotherapy services are provided, healing procedures with algae or algae and services hot spring treatment.

Homeopathy is also considered by the SAT (Photo: special)

homeopathic practice It is also included in the alternative medicine group, both for initial diagnosis and for drug consultations.

SAT has not only updated its catalog of paid products and services, but also launched a new billing tool. This app is for creating and sending accounts 4.0 from mobile phones.

Features offered by the app include an easier format for completing invoices and the ability to save 20 templates and a list of up to 18 loyal customers to save taxpayers time.

From the application, you can perform other actions such as consult with issued and received invoices at any time, immediately stamp invoices Digital Printing Certificate (CSD), create QR code with tax information so that invoicing is faster, as it makes it easier to register customer data.

SAT launched a new billing application (Photo: special)

Invoices generated in this way can be easily sent via email, WhatsApp, Messenger and other applications.

For now, this new SAT tool is targeted at taxpayers with a low billing volume. To be able to use it, you only need to download it to your IOS or Android mobile device, an active password and a valid digital seal certificate to issue it.

Application found as Mobile satellite account, is free and was developed by government employees. According to the tool’s launch statement, “there were no significant contract or acquisition costs in the budget.”

According to the SAT, this is part of its strategy to enable individuals and businesses to meet their tax obligations in an easier, faster and safer way.

Keep in mind that Invoice 4.0 is one of the most recent changes to the SAT and has been delayed nationally due to new invoicing requirements. Among the information requested are the Federal Taxpayer Register (RFC) code, name, reason, or company name, tax domain zip code, and tax receipt usage.

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