The rector revives medicine in León in the face of an attack on Burgos with his professors.

Insist, insist and insist. The University of León does not refuse to receive the long-awaited degree in medicine, for which it has the support of the León society. After the Ministry of Education delayed the introduction of the degree in both León and Burgos in June, the rector of the León educational institution, Juan Francisco García Marín, indicates that the next goal will be to meet with education adviser Rocío. Lucas, as well as Council President Alfonso Fernandez Manueco, to resubmit a request to the regional executive body to confer this title on Leon, which, in addition to completing the academic proposal, would already meet the need for a number of doctors. collected by the Ministries of Universities and Health, which, with the help of €52 million, moved towards an increase of 706 places in the first year of the MD degree throughout the country.

The University of Burgos, which after Marin had restored its aspiration to medicine before Rocío Lucas at the opening of the last academic year, also raised its voice to obtain a degree hitherto only taught in Salamanca and Valladolid, began to organize socially to gain strength . and get that degree back from education. A situation that could complicate the Leon petition, which, despite everything, does not scare the University of León, which also has the rector of the University of Salamanca, Ricardo Rivero, who once sharply attacked Leon, aspiring to college.

More economical
Leon’s new proposal will include a new building on campus and leave San Antonio behind.

Business organizations, unions and professional associations support the step taken by the rector of Burgos, Manuel Pérez Mateos, which demands medicine through a social movement that manages to overturn the decision of the Minister of Education. A position that Leon has held for many years and which has been strengthened since Marin returned the offer.

With the offer to meet with the regional president himself, the Leonese academic institution also changed its original offer to locate the San Antonio Abad building – Diputacion’s property – in the Faculty of Medicine, next to the Hospital del Leon. Since this property will require a significant investment, the new approach is focused on a “more affordable” option, which involves building a building on the Vegazan campus that will host classes with that name. The option under consideration would be at the bottom of the campus, with new construction also directly adapted to the needs of research such as medicine.

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