The ideal time to exercise, according to scientists

Whether for weight loss, weight maintenance or as a hobby, exercise is a part of the day for many people who place great emphasis on their physical health. However, among those who exercise, there is a hidden discussion: what time hour better days train?

To answer the question a group of researchers published a new study where they determined the time interval in the day when they could get the best results when playing sports.

According to science, this is the perfect time to exercise.

For those looking to lose weight, a study by Loughborough University in the United Kingdom found that morning exercises performed on an empty stomach contribute to the rapid oxidation of fats.

It means that morning is recommended as the time interval that will give the best results.

The morning exercise group surveyed in our study showed a greater reduction in fat and carbohydrate intake than the evening exercise group.and the first group showed a trend toward lower total calorie intake,” said Alice Thackray, one of the study’s authors.

According to science, this is the perfect time to exercise.

“Morning exercises are useful because The happiness hormone serotonin is at its highest during daylight hours. That is why you feel that after a good night’s sleep, energy is released, ”the specialist added.

Except, Exercising at the same time in the morning can help create a daily routine that makes planning easier. and that, in addition, it leads to habit formation and self-regulation that may be beneficial to appetite and eating behavior.

And the fact is that, according to studies, people who have acute episodes of physical activity usually have changes in the appetite control system that lead to its suppression, that is, a decrease in the feeling of hunger, which is contrary to what is usually believed.

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