The government is giving Aragon more than 2.1 million euros to increase 25 places in the medical degree.

The Acting Council of Ministers approved today, at the proposal of the Ministry of Health, the allocation of 2,102,503 euros to the community of Aragon in the 2023-2024 academic year, increase a total of 25 places in the specialty “Medicine”.

The approved Royal Decree regulates the direct provision of grants totaling 52 million euros, aimed at financing Increase by 706 places in the specialty “Medicine” in public universities during the next course.

With all this, it is also intended improve the quality of teaching degrees in medicine and an increase in the medium term in the number of physicians graduating from Spanish universities to facilitate access to specialized medical training in medicine.

Moreover, it makes it easier long-term increase in the availability of specialists medicine as a partial measure to combat the shortage of medical workers in certain specialties.

This Royal Decree meets the needs set out in supply needs studies medical specialists published by the Ministry of Health in March 2021 with a time horizon of 2021-2035.

This report finds insufficient number of graduates in connection with the offer of places in specialized medical training (MID) and the need for specialists in some specialties, such as family and community medicine.

The beneficiary entities must submit through the electronic office of the Ministry of Health application for early payment of a grant appealed to the General Directorate of a professional organization.

The application period will start at 10:00 on August 10, 2023 and will end at 10:00 on September 4 2023.

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