The Dominican Federation of Sports Medicine (FEDOMEDE) held a conference “Prevention of Sports Injuries” – Diario Social RD

The Dominican Federation of Sports Medicine (FEDOMEDE) hosted a sports injury prevention conference to promote the need for medical renewal to prevent injury and keep athletes in good health.

It was presented by Dr. Laura Anabel Pinedo, Fedomida Sports Rehabilitation Coordinator, at the Catalonia Hotel in that city.

Dr. Pinedo has focused on the definition, causative mechanisms, and most common types of injury in various sports disciplines through research on Olympic athletes.

“We are very pleased with the success of this program, which explains how to prevent injury in sports such as football, baseball, track and field, strength and other disciplines,” said Dr. Pinedo.

Sponsored by the pharmaceutical organization Metafasa-Pharma, the event was attended by more than 75 healthcare professionals such as sports doctors, rehabilitators, nutritionists, psychologists and physiotherapists, many of whom shared their views on the subject.

In the same sense, he highlighted modern technologies that athletes can use to prevent injuries during training and competition.

For his part, Dr. Pinedo, President of Fedomede, said he was pleased with the large number of sports-related health professionals who attended the conference.

“With open measures, we aim to avoid fewer injuries, which means we will have healthier athletes,” he said.

He recalled that the conference is part of an extensive program of events that the Dominican Sports Medicine Federation (FEDOMEDE) holds year after year, seeking to ensure the health of athletes.

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