The clinical study of Cordioprev was awarded the XIX Fundación Caja Rural Granada Health Sciences Award.

He Clinical trials Cordioprev from a doctor Jose Lopez MirandaHead of Service and Director of the Department of Clinical Management of Internal Medicine at the Reina Sofia University Hospital and Professor of Internal Medicine at the University of Córdoba, received the XIX Fundación Caja Rural Granada Health Sciences Award of 25,000 euros.

Cordioprev is the largest trial in 23 years. directly assesses the impact of a Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil in a set of guidelines for the current treatment of coronary heart disease, being better than a low-fat diet in the prevention of cardiovascular recurrence.

His research, published in the journal lancetone of the most prestigious in the world in the field of health and clinical medicine, concludes that after 7 years of follow-up people who have had a heart attack or serious cardiovascular problemssurvival is higher in patients on a Mediterranean diet compared to those on a low-fat diet.

The Expert Committee ruled in favor of this study due to the quality of the work, the complexity of the clinical trial, conducted entirely in Spain, and the excellent results showing a “significant improvement” in survival in patients who had a major CV event. In addition, he also appreciated its “immediate applicability”.

The expert committee included representatives of organizing and collaborating institutions: Ignacio Molina (Centre for Biomedical Research of Granada), Lourdes Nunez-Müller (Andalusian Public Foundation for Medical Technologies, co-organizer of the award with the Caja Rural Granada Foundation), Javier Martin and Elena González (Institute of Parasitology and Biomedicine López-Neira), Jorge Fernández. (College of Physicians of Granada), Fernando Martinez (Colegio de Pharma Céuticos de Granada), Francisco Sepero (Caja Rural Granada) and Maria Eugenia Penela (Junta de Andalusia).

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