Take a step towards a successful future in organizational well-being

Leaders and professionals committed to the success and well-being of organizations can now register for the new competition Master of Strategic Management in Organizational Wellbeing (DEBO). Postgraduate course through which more than 100 students have already passed in its five editions.

opportunity change the way of leadership and contribute to the success of the company, using a learning system with an innovative methodologyand correct name University of Florida.

Who is DEBO for?

DEBO is designed for directors, managers, HR professionals and anyone who is determined to lead with their heart and build organizational culture put Wellbeing at the center of your strategy. Regardless size of company or sector, DEBO is for those who want to change the traditional philosophy and create an exemplary organization of excellence for the future.

Why is DEBO the path to the reference organization?

Vanguard leadership. You will learn the latest leadership skills to create an inspiring business environment where every team member can reach their full potential.

Well-being as the key to success. You will learn how employee well-being has a direct impact on increased productivity, commitment and job satisfaction.

Strategies that matter. DEBO will provide you with strategic tools from top professional experts to optimize organizational well-being, increase resilience and improve work-life balance.

    A network of dedicated professionals. You will become part of a community of leaders passionate about health with whom you can share ideas, collaborate on projects, and create synergies.

    Impact on society. By creating a healthier and more positive work environment, you will contribute to the well-being of the entire community.

    Enroll in the Master of Strategic Management in Organizational Wellbeing (DEBO) Program: The path to success and organizational well-being begins with a simple decision.

      Registration is open until all spaces are filled, which are currently limited to guarantee small groups and offer more personalized learning with tutorials and hands-on activities, as well as the opportunity to participate in events and initiatives. throughout the school year through the DEBO community. The community, which has a calendar of events planned for this year, had Valencia and Madrid as landmarks in 2023, with Zaragoza, Ibiza and Huelva planned for 2024.

      Do not miss this unique opportunity to change your leadership and lead your team to new horizons of growth and prosperity.

      OuchLet’s build a future of success, health and well-being together with DEBO!

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      Further Info: Master’s Degree in Strategic Management in Organizational Wellbeing – rhsaludable

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