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New residents come from different cities such as Valparaiso, Iquique, Arica and Copiapo.

Good news for the health of the entire community: Seven new fellows have chosen to continue their calling by joining the North Catholic University School of Medicine’s medical specialty program, and they have already begun their studies with an introductory course, a space in which they know the basic principles of each specialty as well as rules and related program managers. Thanks to this, they can start their education in the hospitals of the metropolis, acquiring advanced knowledge and skills.

“Training of specialists is a very important aspect both for the country and for the region, as it helps to reduce the gap between these professionals. Many of these new doctors, who are enrolled to train in anesthesiology, internal medicine, neurology, gynecology and emergency care, will remain in the region in new hospitals planned to be built in Ilhapel, Coquimbo, La Serena and existing hospitals. built the hospital de Ovalle, while others will disperse to their regions, where this gap also exists. So, without a doubt, this is an important contribution to public health in Chile and the region,” said Dr. Fernando Bonacic Castro, Head of the Postgraduate and Postgraduate Department of the Faculty of Medicine.

The new residents, who came from various cities such as Valparaiso, Iquique, Arica and Copiapo, were selected from a select group of national and international applicants due to their academic excellence and commitment to advancing medicine.


Seven fellows: Damian Garces Todorovic, internist; Jürgen Reinhardt Corazanis, Anesthesiologist and Perioperative Medicine; Diego Zepeda Alvarez, adult neurology; Felipe Vera Zamora, Gynecology and Obstetrics; Luis Lopez Orellana and Cesar Mendez Tovares, ER.

“I hope to learn, improve my training, provide good service and quality assistance to users, and contribute to the entire Coquimbo community. This region is a very beautiful place, I have always wanted to come, and what better way to get to know this area by learning and contributing to the community,” explained Cesar Méndez Tovares, an emergency room officer.

Meanwhile, for the future therapist Damian Garces Todorovich, this is not only an opportunity, but also a privilege. “My goal is to study at one of the best universities in our country and contribute to the development of the region. I have been a civil servant for 5 years and I have a calling to contribute wherever I am, in which case I will do it the same way I did in Iquique. I hope to contribute to the life of the city, my colleagues and learn a lot from the local professionals,” he said.

During their studies at UCN, these professionals will work closely with leading educators and medical specialists who will provide them with expert guidance and support in their professional development. In addition, they will have access to state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technologies to strengthen their clinical practice.

Universidad Católica del Norte has established itself as a premier institution for the training of medical professionals, and the medical specialties program has strengthened the Faculty of Medicine’s commitment to the entire community for 20 years, promoting progress and excellence in the field of healthcare. .

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