SEMinRed, support for the scientific community of internal medicine

It aims to become a benchmark for bringing together people who carry out basic and clinical research both domestically and internationally, focusing on those clinical areas and areas of interest to internal medicine.

The Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEMI) has just launched SEMinRed, a new scientific platform designed to strengthen the network of internal medicine researchers by promoting synergy in medical and scientific research. promote knowledge sharing, share … + read more

“Rare diseases are a social problem, they are recognized as a real problem”

Dr. Jorge Francisco Gómez Cerezo, Coordinator of the Society for Internal Medicine (SEMI) Minority Diseases Group, analyzes the achievements and future challenges of this type of so-called “rare” diseases. + read more

Administration promotes the role of internal medicine in the social network

The NLP endorsed by the Health Commission emphasizes that the growing “aging of the population associated with the changing profile of hospitalized patients” makes it increasingly necessary to provide “integrative care”, in which therapists “for their broad understanding of the patient and the relationship between various pathologies”, play a fundamental role. + read more

Gijón, venue for the 43rd SEMI Congress

The scientific program includes more than a hundred events dedicated to innovations in different areas of the specialty, which is distinguished by a complex vision of the patient and plays a central role in inpatient care for chronic, complex and / or polypathological patients or with systemic pathologies. + read more

Novelties in the approach to pathologies of the cardio-renal-metabolic sphere are discussed in Madrid

The prevalence of diabetes worldwide has increased by 30% over the past decade, and heart failure affects 26 million people worldwide and is also increasing. + read more

You cannot object to non-euthanasia sanitation

The profile of the patient who applied for euthanasia is a person aged about 64 years with a neurodegenerative pathology. Euthanasia This is a benefit of a social network that physicians need to be aware of and that comes at a cost. When there are ethical doubts, it is logical to consult. + read more

Therapy is responsible for more than half of the discharge due to exacerbation of COPD.

The most common COPD patient profile in therapeutic medicine is male, elderly, smoker or ex-smoker, with various comorbidities and polypharmacy. + read more

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