SAT is integrating witchcraft services into its billing catalogue.

He Tax Administration Service (SAT) entered the work witchcraft or voodoo in your directory products And services What taxpayers they can bill.

In the category of medical services, in the group of alternative medicine, SAT He united people involved in witchcraft, healers, shamans and those who work with energy.

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These services are categorized as alternative and holistic medicine and have an associated billing password.

The Goods and Services Catalog is a SAT tool that taxpayers can use to identify categories for which they can request an invoice online.

At a morning conference on March 14, Health Minister Jorge Alcocer Varela announced the incorporation of traditional medicine into the country’s public health system to promote and expand access to this service for indigenous peoples and Afro-Mexicans. .

“In this administration, the Indigenous Welfare Program has invested 28,300,000 pesos to support 164 projects to strengthen traditional medicine and support 256 community activists in 24 federal states.” health minister said.

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For her part, Director General of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) Zoe Robledo pointed out that the hospital in Nayarit has offices for traditional doctors, chiropractors, healers, herbalists and specialists in various specialties.

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