Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is unique because of these 5 things that will make you fall in love

You will find it in two sizes to better adapt to your wrist. With this rotating bezel, you you will move faster between menus and functions that you have a turn right or left. Surely you have already missed this in Samsung watches, and this will be one of the things that will tip your balance towards the purchase.

Functions related to heart health

If you are most attracted to the features related to health and your sleep, this model will not disappoint you as it is equipped with very accurate sensors for all these measurements. It stands out strongly in many variations, for example, when it comes to calculate the optical heart rate, the electrical signal of the heart and analyze the bioelectrical impedance.


It also includes the feature Irregular heart rate notification (NRCI), which will come in handy if you’re concerned about your heart health, although if you suspect you’re wrong, it’s best you see a doctor and don’t rely solely on electronic devices. The latter is not indicated for people with known arrhythmias or those under 22 years of age. You will love them all and want to try them right now.

Allows you to make an electrocardiogram

While this is not an exclusive feature of this model, since some watches such as previous models or the Apple Watch have it, it is true that many phones on the market do not have it, and they are known push it to the max so you will get very good results.

No one can do it as well as Samsung, so if you need do an electrocardiogramis one of your best options, at least until you can do it with a specialist doctor.

Best phone camera control

You can better control your smartphone’s camera right from your wrist, taking better photos and videos with maximum comfort. You will not only be able to preview the image, but also switch shooting mode between photo and video or even select zoom level to enlarge and reduce images.

test photos samsung galaxy watch 6

When you press the shutter button, you can see the result with unique shots. It is a great tool to take photos with your mobile phone without touching it and with exceptional quality so that you can react quickly at the moment you need it.

military attestation

You’ll be enchanted to know that it’s made from quality materials and comes with many certifications to ensure its durability, including military certification MIL-STD-810H, a US standard under which the device has been tested under a wide range of environmental conditions. It has a solid and durable sapphire glass screen.

It’s great for you in extreme temperatures, humidity, dust and more, they can handle it all. It is also water and dust resistant with IP68 certified.

Endless reasons to want to buy it

As you can see, these are some of the most outstanding features that you will not see in any other model at the moment, but it has much more, such as an excellent screen quality, excellent performance, battery, ultra-precise sensors and much more. more.

You’ll find the Galaxy Watch6 from €319 in 40mm and 44mm versions with Bluetooth or Bluetooth and 4G connectivity. For its part, Samsung The Galaxy Watch6 Classic starts at €499.having the option to buy it in 43mm and 47mm versions with Bluetooth or Bluetooth and 4G.

You can buy it on the official Samsung website or on Amazon among other authorized stores. IN their official website gives you a strap for €49.90, a wireless charger for €59.90 and a Galaxy Buds2 for €149.90 for just €29.90. Plus, you’ll get a 30% discount on Samsung Care+ for 1 or 2 years for accidental damage and theft.

Now, more than ever, you can buy a very complete watch at a great price, and even with gifts, if you do it on the Samsung website, don’t let it slip away.

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