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small.We will also talk aboutnew projects in progressin South Floridafor the protection of animals.maía: Dani, we know this rondesanti has appointed you a membercounty school board.since then you are veryfocused on the topicsecurity insideeducational institutions.This is the topic that interests you.all parents and allthe community as a safe are theychildren in schools?>> well, this year my childrenThey will be at the school in Doral.I want it to beas safe as possible.child can only learnthere is a safe placesafe or friendly environment forstudy.we made physical preparations andschools are safesecure entrances, andwe have cameraswe have training with himno weekend exercisesfire and arrowan object.the idea was to try to improvePolice reaction.not only the time it takeswhen you go to school toowhat to do duringMaya: about healthmentally it’s a problem tooit worries us a lot and affects usin society.Mental health?>> well, we saw onean increase in cases of mental illness.we see reports of childrenalleviate anxiety,depression.we don’t know if they are the resultpandemic or maybe useexcessive technology.connect the kids, butit affects them too.Resources.9 different programs forour can see it on the pagecounty website.we are expanding our resourcesmental health by 25%.we always try to bringincrease in the number of directors.maía: we also talked aboutthis new Florida lawwhich allows the use of camerasin school transport.unfortunately we have seenvery aggressive fightsit’s getting more and more popular todayon social networks.there were always fightsbut that’s no excuse.How will it be implemented?camera program withinbuses and an efficient bankThey can be?>> well bus lawbelongs to those who drivearound the busThe Governor also approvedlaws restricting usetechnology in the classroom, teachingthe right of teachers tolimit phone usemobile phone, social networksspeaking first ofcameras on busesI asked what this month is augustwe have on the agendaimplement this new happens often.thank god we didn’tmore clashes between children andpeople who pass byTry to reduce the some companies toooffer camera insidebus.Maya: so who protectschildren inside the busand what proof can we have?>> well, at leastwe will have evidence thatfrom your absence nothing crazy about itno plan forentrust to someone else.It’s hard to providemaia: also availableenrollment increase.>> at the end of this school year,end of June, almost 20,000immigrant we’re going to getadequate funds.we have to make sure thatWe have enough teachersimportant to haveteachers.Maya: thanks for inviting usin our programIt will run until August you know, we are completelyHurricane season.experts recommend not to downloadguard.reporter: we want itprepared with informationenough to stay’s important that you don’t trycut tree branches.only trained professionalsthey have to cut the trees.stay safe duringHurricane season.maía: we’re having a short break.return as nutritionistwe are separated by a nutritionistrecipes we can make fortake into account whenprepare a lunch boxwe’ll be back.

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