Russian twist, the exercise that strengthens the stomach best

Whether it’s the crop tops that Zara puts on a tray or the bikinis we take with us on vacation, the belly area is one area that challenges us in the summer. La Pepita Grillo when we went for an aperitif. And a flat stomach #goal body that we left for September.

One of the keys to showing off the flat stomach we crave is doing the right exercises in addition to a good diet. They are the foundation of your purpose. Now it also helps to know that there are exercises that will help you achieve this faster than others.

Experts Brooklyn Fitboxing Some have told us, but without a doubt, there is one that puts the abs to the test, promoting intense work and strengthening the core like few others. Write down your name: Russian twist.

tinted press


This core activation exercise is the key to strengthening not only the abdominal area, but also the obliques.

Correct execution is the key to the result.

How to do it

  • Get into a seated position and lean your body back, paying close attention to keeping your back straight and, above all, working your abdominal muscles.
  • Rotate your torso from side to side, keeping your torso in a block.
  • Always make sure your spine is neither arched nor excessively arched, and pay attention to your stomach, which must be pulled in to avoid injury.

* To increase intensityyou can add additional weights such as a kettlebell, plate, or medicine ball during the run.

  • Repeat the exercise for 4 sets of 20 rotations.

Eftalia Tsimkas, Brooklyn Master Fitboxing Traineroffers this exercise in a core-focused routine that also has Iron, climber (or climber), or reverse crunch. All of them are exercises that work the core from top to bottom and allow you to activate the abdominals for its intense work.

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