rule 5 of Buddhist cuisine with which everyone can have a healthy diet

Food plays a very important role in a balanced life. However, due to the rush, stress and fatigue of the working day and other obligations, it is difficult to allocate the necessary time … But, as the Buddha said, “preserving the health of the body is a duty.” And the fact is that Buddhists attach great importance to the purity of the soul, especially through healthy and environmentally friendly food.

Because food is so important in Buddhism, Buddhist monks have followed special diet called “shojin ryori”, or what is the same: “food for spiritual elevation” translated into Spanish from Japanese. His mantra is “Take what nature has to offer according to the season.”

This diet was to be formulated in accordance with the teachings of Gautama Buddha and excluded any living food or food of animal origin. Instead, he focuses on seasonal vegetables and mountain plants. Also avoid harsh flavors like garlic and onions..

Although the most striking thing is that this diet is based on “rule 5”the perfect way to change the way you eat and make it healthier.

Avoid the Five Spicy Plants

This rule is to avoid garlic, onion, green onion, tuberous garlic and Chinese onion. This is because its overly pungent taste and smell interfere with meditation practice.

Combination of five flavors

According to this rule, every meal what is done should be composed of the elements: sour, bitter, sweet, spicy and salty.

Five color combination

Every dish you cook should have the following colors on your plate: green, red, yellow, black and white.

Using five types of cooking

Five different types of cooking are allowed and encouraged: in water, on a grill or pan, steamed, raw or fermented, and frying.

To all this, and in order to avoid products of animal origin, it remains only to add respect what Buddhists call the “three spirits” cook. This means: being grateful for the opportunity to prepare food yourself, doing it with compassion and adapting to the needs of each visitor, and finally, cooking everything carefully, treating every product with care.

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