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Roger Svidorovich First Aid Guide #102
Ask the victim to sit down so that the light falls directly on
Ask him to tilt his head back.
Position yourself to the side of the affected eye or behind the victim. put your hand
on the left under the chin; open your eyes halfway with your index finger and thumb
affected to observe the type and location of the foreign body. For this,
ask him to move his eyes up, down and sideways.
If you see a foreign body, try to wash it out of your eye; pour water
with a syringe without a needle, a jug or under a tap, head tilted up
injured party.
If this procedure does not work and the foreign body is movable, ask
what is flashing; sometimes this alone is enough for him to find himself in
inside corner, and you can remove it with a corner of a clean cloth.
If the foreign body is under the lower eyelid, have it
search; Meanwhile, pull down with your thumb
eyelid, find the foreign body and remove it with the tip of a tissue.
If the foreign body is under the upper eyelid,
make him look down; take the tabs with index and thumb
upper eyelid and slightly pull it down; with the other hand
take an applicator or something like that, place it on the middle part of the eyelid
from above and lift the eyelid above the applicator.
Find the foreign body and remove it.
If the particle is located in the center of the eye and there is no blinking
mobilized, cover the eye with sterile gauze, then cover both eyes
bandage without pressure and send the victim to the medical center.

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