Purging Apple with AI Apps in China

Artificial intelligence is an ever-expanding phenomenon. But just as its use grows, so do the apps that are in the App Store and that use AI as a core component of their work. Namely, in the app store, where they check applications from Cupertino.

ChatGPT has become the standard definition of what AI is. OpenAI has released the official app on the App Store. But before this happened, there were many applications that performed very similar functions. However, due to the regulation of the app store itself, many of them are now being removed for security reasons. Why? We will tell you then.

Originates in China with applications similar to ChatGPT.

In the English edition of 9to5Mac, they repeated some of the information published in the South China Morning Post. According to both media reports, Apple is removing these types of apps en masse from its store as they are considered “illegal content” in the Asian country.

The South China Morning Post explains that all apps have been removed from China’s iOS app store (…) according to China’s Qimai mobile app analysis platform.”

Likewise, they reveal some of the names of the most important and recognized applications that the Cupertino-based company did not pass this selection. “Spark, an app developed by iFlyTek that provides ChatGPT-style services, was one of the apps removed despite having a big launch on June 29,” they explain.

In addition, they add that “Other apps extracted included the popular ChatGAi Plus, which provides AI chatbot, translation and writing services, and was ranked 9th in China’s iOS app store paid app rankings.

Therefore, Apple did not discriminate between apps based on popularity, downloads, or price. Directly, this was to be regulated by criteria similar to ChatGPT, as far as the AI ​​chat service is concerned.

And why is all this happening? On August 15, according to 9to5Mac, new laws will come into force in the country that “promote healthy content and adhere to socialist values.”

In this sense, the representatives of Cupertino decided to take preventive measures to eliminate all those applications that, using AI, cannot ensure the transfer of content through these applications.

Chats with artificial intelligence can receive information from different sites. And in a restrictive context, as far as the flow of information is concerned, the lack of control over where the data comes from is the cornerstone.

And how many apps have been removed from the Apple Store in China? According to reports, this is “more than a hundred”, which are no longer available.

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