Polytechnics and medicine are still under consideration at the University of Seville.

With the end of the courses at the universities and with the completion of the examinations, the Seville classes closed. It’s time to take stock and, above all, to talk about what lies ahead in the next course.

In the case of the University of Seville, without a doubt, the main unfinished subject this is the transfer of the Polytechnic to Kartukha. Finally, years later, it seems that next September the first students will arrive at the Centrius building in Kartukha. As confirmed in the Polytechnic University, at the moment, students of three master’s degrees, as well as those who are undergoing laboratory practice, will leave. This will mean joining the Cartuja campus (very close to ETSI) about 500 students out of more than 2900 in the old Los Remedios building.

At the moment, these students are expected to start their course already at Cartuja, although this requires that the furniture, chairs and tables be delivered on time, as the contract desk has already provided the contract for this. As for the rest of the students, those who continue their studies at Virgen de África will have to wait some more time. The class re-entered the competition at a higher price after it was devastated. a previous upload contest that caused a delay. Now, following the new UTE Grulop 21.SL/AFC Construcciones y Contratas SL award with a budget of over €10.3 million from the University of Seville, they hope to be able to lay the first stone of the classroom next September and that the work will be completed in December 2024. tolerate leaks even within classes.

Humanitarian sciences

This is not the only unfinished topic for the next course. The transfer of philosophy to the administration is a question that hangs in the air. Rector Miguel Angel Castro himself announced the transfer at the beginning of the course from the Faculty of Philosophy to the central building of the rector’s office, to complete the so-called “Humanitarian Campus” on the territory of the old tobacco factory.

The announcement was made amidst full controversy after the then-People’s Party candidate and current Mayor of Seville, José Luis Sanz, proposed turning the vicarage into a great museum in Seville, a kind of Seville’s “Louvre”. However, since this announcement, no stream has been moved for this transfer. The Faculties of Philology and Geography are located in the central building on San Fernando Street. and History and administration, leaving a space that many consider wasted and should be filled with content.

But what about this transfer? At the moment, they are not and are not expected, although in March last year the rector announced that philosophy would begin the 2023/2024 academic year in the building of an old tobacco factory, there are no signs of this movement, as the rector himself admitted. And that other sources at the university believe that this translation could benefit the psychology department, which is accepting more and more students, since this degree is in high demand. Thus, this last center will have more room for possible expansion if Filosofía leaves its current location and moves to San Fernando Street.

The reform of the School of Agricultural Engineering is another issue that is also under consideration. Since the building, which is located on the land Pablo de Olavide University, although it is dependent on the University of Seville, it also suffered the same slowdown as the Polytechnic Institute caused by rising prices, resulting in a delay that may have affected opening times.

Work is still ongoing now, and according to La Hispalense, the roof is predicted to be closed in September and the rest of the building to be refurbished in November 2024. In any case, this is an ambitious project that uses modern methods of “circular construction”. and this involves the expansion of the old school with a new building to be added to it and it will add an additional 6400 square meters. An extension to be added to the old building of the Medina brothers, built in the 50s and now included in the General Catalog of the Historical Heritage of Andalusia.

Another issue that has become an eternal unresolved issue for years is the reform of medicine and pharmacy, two faculties that have become too small and have been talked about for years to be reconstructed. Especially medicine, which again became the most requested degree at the University of Seville this year, with 2,825 applications for the next academic year.

However, the priest who this year opened a shop selling caps, sweatshirts and other merchandising items bearing the Hispalense logo or donated to the university museum who intend to place the Santa Clara space near the Alamedaseems to be in no hurry to expand and reform medicine or pharmacy, another faculty that has been in need of expansion for many years.

In both cases, projects and models were submitted repeatedly. At the beginning of 2022, it was announced that it was starting from scratch and a competition for new ideas was announced. In March of this year there were two winning teams of two competitions. expand the faculties of medicine and pharmacy. It remains to find out about the projects, their cost, their financing and, above all, when some of the work that both faculties consider necessary will begin.

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