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Do you want to walk the path of happiness, feel stronger physically and emotionally, and do your part to care for the planet? If the answer is yes, you can’t miss the Mercedes-Benz WeLife festival. Vocento’s excellent wellness and sustainability event is back for the third year in a row with all the questions answered to lead a healthy, positive and much more conscious life. the meeting will next October 28 and 29 at Green Patio, a sustainable space located at calle de Salamanca, 23 (Madrid). In addition to the exceptional participation of numerous experts in the fields of nutrition, wellness, mental health, mindfulness and the environment, participants in this meeting will also be able to practice yoga, meditation, dance, sound baths…

The agenda for these two days, of which Mercedes-Benz is a global partner thanks to its commitment to sustainability as the luxury car company moves towards a 100% electric future, includes the participation of professionals such as Mario Alonso PuigIphysician, surgeon, lecturer and writer; Sylvia Congost, psychologist, speaker and writer; She’s Carbonell former professional swimmer and Olympic champion; Odile Rodriguez de la Fuente, biologist and disseminator of environmental sciences; Yana Fernandez, WithConsultant and distributor specializing in wellness and recreation; Odile Fernandezmfamily doctor; Albert Bosch, Toadventurer and supporter of sustainable leadership; Viennese pharaoh, marriage and family therapist; Agnes Lipperheide, IPhysician Assistant, Intensive Care Unit, University Hospital Puerta de Hierro; Gustavo diextheoretical physicist, cognitive neuroscience researcher and director of the Nirakara Laboratory; Beatriz Larreafunctional holistic nutritionist; Juan Ramon Lucas journalist and writer; Angel Durantes, expert in the field of healthy aging medicine; Sylvia Fernandez, candidate of psychological sciences; or Fernando Ojeda, President and Founder of the Reforestation Project, Forest Technician and Activist.

All of them will offer presentations that will surely inspire us. But, in addition, the Mercedes-Benz WeLife festival also offers the opportunity to participate in practical classes offered by yoga and meditation teachers. Ksenia Ryzhkova, mercedes de la rosa, Ana Carolina Martinez, Charlotte Perez, Carolina Drake, Daniel Osorio and Veronica Bloom, among others.

This is the full schedule:

Saturday 28 October


Saturday afternoon will start at The Room at 10:15 am with an intervention Samary Fernandez Feito, GCEO of Vocento’s Luxury, Lifestyle and Magazines Area who will be in charge of welcoming all visitors. And then, Maria Fernandez-MirandaDirector of WeLife, will tell us about the values ​​that guide this project of the Vocento Group, focused on well-being and sustainability.

After this brief introduction, at 10:30 a.m., the first presentation of the event will begin, titled Why sleep is as important as breathing which will be taught by Yana Fernandez. With a wellness and relaxation specialist, we will learn why we should rest and what we can do to sleep well without waking up all night.

Mario Alonso Puig, physician, lecturer and writer./ Photo: DR

The day will continue with a conference by Mario Alonso Puig at 11:10 am called The path to a happy life. Alonso is one of the most famous speakers in our country for his talks on leadership and motivation, and in this presentation he will be responsible for teaching guests to reach their human potential and be happier.

At the end of the presentation by the doctor and the speaker, the participants will take a short break to recuperate and continue to enjoy our congress on well-being and sustainability. And after this break, at 12:45, Maria Fernandez-Miranda will interview Odile Rodriguez de la Fuente in a speech titled The lessons of love for nature left to us by Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente. In this talk, we all remember what we learned from the naturalist and environmentalist, at the hand of his own daughter.

Odile Rodriguez de la Fuente, biologist and disseminator of environmental sciences. / Photo: DR

At 13:30 it will be the turn of Odile Fernandez and her presentation. Food helped me beat cancer. Family doctor and book author The Habits That Will Save Your Life (Ed. Planet) will host a lecture to highlight the importance of a healthy diet and how it can improve our lives to the point of helping us through delicate processes such as serious illness.

Thanks to the intervention of Fernandez, we will come to the final segment of the first round of presentations on Saturday. At 2:10 pm, participants will have another break during which they can eat to continue enjoying the day, which will resume their lectures at 4:00 pm with an intervention Albert Bosch and his article titled Lead everything to happen.

Then at 16:40. Mercedes de la Rosa to give an interview viennese pharaoh in an online conversation called Break out of habitual patterns to find yourself. And later, at 17:30, participants will be able to enjoy the presentation. How to live without fear of death by Ines Lipperheide.

Viennese pharaoh, family and marriage therapist. / Photo: DR

And to complete Saturday’s agenda, at 18:10 Gustavo Dix will make a presentation titled Anxiety and stress: ways to keep them at bay after which all participants will be able to return home with all the keys to reduce anxiety symptoms.


Nein during a sonic bath session at Mercedes-Benz WeLife 2022.

Studio Hall will host the most dynamic part of this congress. There will be sessions where participants can put into practice what they have learned about the mind-body connection. Here the day starts at 9:00 am with a teacher-led mindfulness class. Ksenia Ryzhkova; it will continue with the Viñas class at 9:45 under the leadership of Mercedes de la Rosa; it will continue with a breathwork session at 11:00 am led by Andrea Klimowitz; and a mixture of vinyasa and modern dance performed by Ana Carolina Martinez.

During the afternoon shift at The Studio, participants will be able to sign up for a Gratitude Meditation session starting at 3:30 pm led by De la Rosa; a nidra yoga class at 4:15 pm led by Martinez, a jivamukti yoga class at 5:15 pm with Carlota Perez, and finally they can enjoy a sound bath relaxation session led by Nain.

Sunday 29 October


This wellbeing congress will continue on Sunday at 10:30 am with a presentation by Beatriz Larrea titled Fight inflammation with diet. A holistic nutritionist and author of Light Up Your Body in 30 Days will explain to the audience what causes inflammation in our system and what we can do to combat this inflammation.

Next, at 11:05, Maria Fernandez-Miranda will interview journalist Juan Ramon Lucas, who published the book “Immunofitness: Health also trains”, with which she will talk about everything that we must consider in order to reconnect with nature and live better.

Sylvia Congost, psychologist and writer./ Photo: DR

After this interview and a short break, at 12:20, it will be Sylvia Congost’s turn and her presentation titled Learn to avoid toxic relationships. Psychologist and author of Love or Addiction? (Ed. “Planet”) will help everyone present learn how to recognize red flags in a relationship, and provide the necessary keys to learn how to get out of them.

She is Carbonell, an Olympic swimming champion. / Photo: DR

At 13:25, just before the second break of the day, Angel Durantes will tell us about how to stay young after 50 And after his intervention, we will make way for the second part of this day with Maria Fernandez-Miranda’s interview with Ona Carbonell at 4:00 pm in a speech titled How to learn to let go of the past in order to look to the future; and then Silvia Fernandez, at 16:40, will talk about cultivate compassion and strengthen our inner peace.

To end the day on Sunday and close an event as eventful as this, at 17:25 Fernando Ojeda will give a talk on Small gestures that change the world.


Carla Forens, specialist in dance, interpretation and personal growth./ Photo: DR

While conferences on mental health, well-being and sustainability are taking place, as well as on Saturday, those who wish can join the relaxation classes that will be held at The Studio.

Activities will begin at 9:00 am with a meditation session led by Caroline Drake. The morning will continue with a 9:45 a.m. Kundalini yoga class led by Daniel Osorio; At 11:00 am it will continue with a session of dancing, screaming, feeling in the body, relaxing and recharging batteries led by Karla Fornes; and a couples acro yoga class with Suzanne Mayer. After a short break, the daily agenda will be programmed with the Sersan method of Ana Jimena Ramirez at 16:45; and at 18:00, at the end, a vinyasa lesson with Veronica Bloom.

Mercedes-Benz EQS model at the Mercedes-Benz WeLife Festival 2022.

In addition to all this display of events and conferences, in between performances, attendees of the Mercedes-Benz WeLife Festival will also be able to try out some of the Mercedes-Benz models that will be on display at the event. The luxury car brand with sustainability values ​​has various environmental projects, such as the goal that all of its vehicles made from 40% recycled materials by 2030.

In addition to the car company, this festival is also supported by L’Occitanea French cosmetics firm committed to protecting biodiversity, working with local producers and promoting the development of protected areas in Provence, France; Garniera leader in its environmental commitment and strong understanding of the importance of biodiversity conservation; ule, the last bet of the Shiseido group and the new favorite of the French, among other things, for sustainability and for using the full potential of nature in its formula; ethnic cosmeticsSpanish brand of environmentally friendly cosmetics that violates the canons of beauty; Weledaa natural, ecological and sustainable cosmetics firm; naturitas, a leading natural health brand that promotes wellness through the best natural product offering online; And Petit BamBowa guided meditation app that offers a catalog of nearly 800 sessions to find peace of mind.

Mercedes-Benz WeLife 2022 Festival.

Ticket price

You can now purchase tickets on welifefestival.es. Ticket price for both days 80 euros. If you want to attend the Mercedes-Benz WeLife festival for just one day, the price will be 45 euros.

Yoga and meditation classes are not included in the cost of the entrance ticket to the festival and are paid additionally in the amount of 20 euros each. From the third class you will receive a 30% discount on your next purchase.

Don’t miss them!

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