optimize your time and results

Are you working smart? Do you know what skills you need to develop to be successful in this form of work? In the following article, we give you all the information about it.

Smart work: optimize your time and results

Last update: August 03, 2023

Have you heard of smart work? Faced with increasing competition and a changing job market, companies are looking for new ways to increase productivity. Not only that, another goal that is taken into account is the welfare of the worker. Your satisfaction is the pillar supporting processes such as good performance and innovation.

He smart work It is a methodology that is to offer workers autonomy and the best tools. to achieve the proposed goals. The characteristics on which this interesting approach is based are flexibility, mobility, and the use of technology. We give you more details in the reading.

“You don’t learn to walk by following the rules. You learn by walking and falling.

~ Richard Branson, founder of Virgin ~

Smart work: what is it and what are its benefits

The emergence of new organizational paradigms is now a constant phenomenon. However, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, models like the one we are now describing have evolved much more. Smart work is different Give you the freedom to efficiently complete tasks wherever you are.

Resources are offered to you and deadlines are set so that you can do them the way you want and in the place you prefer. As noted in a study published European Journal of Health Psychology ResearchAlthough this approach has become more relevant during the pandemic, the truth is that it appeared in 2014. Below we consider its main characteristics and advantages.

Location, flexibility and decision making

This type of work is the result of combining the potential of new technologies with the needs of employees. Now, it’s very possible that you’re referring to the methodology only for remote work, but the truth is that it goes further. Its goal is to focus on projects, creativity, and the decision-making ability of its employees. Below are its most important points:

  • Reformulation of spaces: Not only does it offer you the opportunity to work from home, but companies are creating more convenient and stimulating scenarios for productivity and creativity.
  • Projects and structured goals: One of the advantages of this typology of work is the proper organization of tasks. All employees have set goals and set deadlines for achieving them.
  • Flexibility: working in this way allows you to choose where you want to perform your tasks and at what time. This freedom of decision, as reported in the publication International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, contributes to your mental well-being.
  • Efficiency: He smart work This is determined by the optimization of time, the digitization of companies and the use of the most advanced resources. Similarly, efforts are always made to offer adequate tools to employees so that they can do their job more efficiently.
  • Effective leadership: Managers and directors of the company must control every task and step for the correct efficiency of the processes. Their role is key and they must be trained in these functions. In this sense, various studies highlight the relevance of telecommuting for executives.

Hard work and smart work

At this point, you might be wondering what the difference is between working hard and working smart. The first alludes to more traditional productivity mechanics with limited resources and where many hours and effort are dedicated to the task. The second method offers more flexibility.

However, Working smart doesn’t rule out hard work or that intense commitment that forces you to devote more time to a goal.. Both areas complement each other, although production models are now looking to take advantage of technology to achieve optimal results.

The main advantage of the intelligent modality is that all employees organize their work according to their needs and characteristics. But this methodology must be well structured and, in turn, requires the company to adequately invest in innovative technologies.

Related Benefits

As long as this strategy is well developed and the employee has optimal resources, the benefit is undeniable. We present them immediately:

  • Reducing stress and other mental health problems.
  • Employee autonomy and satisfaction can increase productivity.
  • Organizations attract talent by having favorable working conditions.
  • The well-being and motivation of employees bring innovation to the company.
  • Improves work-life balance. telework as indicated public health boundaries, favors, first of all, the quality of family ties.

Competencies required to perform smart work

How can you conclude not all production models are suitable for smart work. Those who require presence in the workplace do not use this model. However, liberal professions or those performed solely by computers may opt for this change.

If this is your case and you want to know how to get the most out of smart workwe describe what skills you need to put into practice.

virtual collaboration

Knowing how to collaborate virtually with different teams is a key element of smart work. After all, performing your task outside the company does not mean disconnecting from the rest of the organization’s personnel. Rather, it involves being aware of and maintaining active and proactive communication.

What was highlighted in the investigation published in The nature of human behavior is that during the pandemic, this measurement was faltering. At Microsoft, for example, collaboration between workers has become more static and asynchronous.

Organization and time management

The ability to effectively organize and plan one’s work is a critical competency in this approach. You should be able to better manage your time, prioritize and keep track of your deadlines and goals. This skill set requires solid planning and commitment on your part.


Autonomy in the workplace means more than just choosing how to do your job. It also implies a number of processes that will allow success in the modality. smart work. We explain them to you.

  • It means accepting the results of your own labors and acting accordingly.
  • This is the ability to independently manage each process and task.
  • You must take the initiative to complete your tasks in the most efficient way.
  • Being autonomous means being proactive in solving problems before they arise.
  • You must know how to make decisions without waiting for instructions from superiors in all circumstances and situations.


Faced with such a competitive and changing job market, one of the skills that will help you the most is adaptability. This means knowing how to react and react to any changes and unforeseen situations. Thus, working in new conditions and with a wide variety of tools will allow you to succeed.

Work and smart technologies, what will the future bring us?

He smart work It received this title for its use of technology as its cornerstone. It is the one that offers the most flexibility in choosing where you want to do your work. And it is this growing area that already facilitates a significant part of the production processes.

It is true that this model gives you countless benefits. But what will the labor market look like in the future? Smart work continues to expand, and soon Artificial intelligence will be another important tool to further optimize results.

In this scenario, one can only hope that technology will always be an ally, and not completely replace human capital. People are the necessary agents for the introduction of the best innovations, if the working conditions are adequate.

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